[Phrases] Useful Expressions On Time

Hey guys. Let’s see a sample answer for the last episode :

I’m so sorry, Rose. I need to cancel my appointment on Friday. I was really looking forward to it, but something has come up. Can we try for next Friday instead?

Today I am going to talk about useful expressions on time. The phrases below will make you sound more natural. So, let’s get started!

1. Catch someone at a bad time

Used when someone is being interrupted at an inconvenient time.

I’m sorry Jeff, have I caught you at a bad time? I wanted to talk about tomorrow’s meeting.

2. The time is ripe

This is used when it is the right moment to do something.

We managed to sell our house when the time was ripe, and made a great profit!


3. In this day and age

An expression to define these modern times.

She was appalled to see that so much injustice could exist in this day and age.

4. Shelf life

When something needs to be used or sold before a certain date. Mainly used for food, drink or medicine.

Tinned food generally has quite a long shelf life.


5. Stand the test of time

Used to describe something that lasts or continues to work well for a long time. This could also be used for something that remains respected or popular for a long time.

This old piano has really stood the test of time, it’s been in our family for generations!


The car has ________ and never broken down.

A. Stood the test of time                   B. caught the bad time

See you in the next episode!

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