[Grammar] What’s The Difference Between “A” And “The”?

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Many English learners are struggling with articles(the word without true meaning that come before noun). Articles are quite confusing, and they do not exist in our own language.

A, AN and THE are the word without true meaning that come before a NOUN.

1.Indefinite Articles – A and An

A and An are used before singular countable nouns. We use A and An to refer something that is not already known to the speaker and to refer something that is not important.


Do you have a car?

Let’s watch a movie tonight.

I read a book.

Note that we use A in front of words that start with a consonant sound and An in front of words with a vowel sound.


a house, a book, a year

an hour, an apple, an egg

2.Definite Articles – The

The can be used before both singular and plural countable nouns. We use The to talk about a specific thing, i.e. when we know which thing we are talking about.


Could you please shut the door?

The weather was awful last winter.

Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

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