[Word For Today] Inexorable

Hi all! Today I am gonna teach you a new word – inexorable.

Raptors win franchise’s first NBA title,Kawhi is inexorable.

The Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors won thefirst for the Raptors franchise championship. And Kawhi Leonard got The FMVP, he is inexorable!


Word For Today:

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How is Inexorable used?

         [adj.] to criticize describe a process which cannot be prevented from continuing or progressing.

(1) The alternative is the inexorable decline of a great scientific culture.

(2) The ageing population and medical advances will put inexorable pressure on the system.

(3) Far too many people see this team on an inexorable upward rise.


(1) These events led i             to war.

(2) This may have something to do with the i            rise of the chess computer.

(3) Both             and violence are two typical characteristics in his novels.


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