Translations of tariff in different languages:

seven hells

How is Tariff used?

[n.][C]   a tax on goods coming into or going out of a country

(1)a tariff on sth :

  • The tariff on optical cables is 8.4%.

(2)impose/set/reduce tariffs

  • The US has imposed new tariffs on chocolate from Brazil.

(3)cut/eliminate/remove tariffs

  • An agreement was reached to eliminate tariffs on information technology products.
(4)high/low/steep tariffs on sth:
  • High tariffs on furniture imports are still imposed by some developing countries to protect local carpenters.
(5)tariff barriers/protection/rates:
  • The protectionist wall of high tariff barriers and import restrictions is being breached.


Please fill in all the blanks, and you can find the answers in tomorrow’s episode.

(1) Another is that competition, even if successful in reducing t           will marginally affect the households bills.

(2) However, unlike technology improvements, optimal t            will hurt the poor region.

(3) I was late this morning because of the t          congestion.