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World Health Org Classifies Video Game Addiction as Mental Health Disorder

The World Health Organization recently designated video game addiction as a qualified mental health disorder, renewing the debate about the role of video games in our society.

Word For Today:


Translations of addiction in different languages:

seven hells

What are the other forms of addiction?


How is addiction used?

  • Used as an uncountable noun.

His addiction began with prescription drugs.

  • Used as a countable noun.

I have an addiction to mystery stories.


Make a sentence with “addiction” or “addicted” or “addicted”.

Interesting sentences will be picked out in next episode!

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  • I have an addiction to use mobile at night.
    He was addicted to drugs because of bad company.

    • Some doctors claim that pornography can spark an addiction that is far more difficult to overcome than drug addiction.

  • My nephew is used to addicted to drugs and now he sufferered of HIV because of using used needles

  • My friend has an addiction to smart phone.
    He is addicted to PUBG too, because it is very addictive.

    • Take them from the phone and give them time before they need them

      • I am addicted to tic toc..
        My friend is addicted to watching porn vedios

    • My addiction is a fresh pot of coffee

      Im addicted to take photos all my free time

      That book is more addictive meaning for me

  • I have an addiction to shown whatsapp msg… He was addicted to tea……social media fb can be addictive

  • My best friends dad is addicted to alcohol.
    Alcohol is very adictive.
    Most of the people have addiction of smoking

  • I have an addition to One Direction!
    I addicted to OnE dIrEcTiOn!
    ONE DIRECTION is addictive!!!!!😂😂

  • I have an addiction to movie.
    My friend was addicted to shopping.
    Playing too much pubg can be addictive.

  • My friend is addicted to watching porn thrice a day you know porn is too addictive so it takes time to overcome from porn addiction

  • most of the people are addictive to use cell phone till late night. This addiction have so many negetive imapct on their health.

    he is addicted to pubg

  • i was addected my smart phone .
    mainly i use Instagram. some pages memes are very funny and some fact about earth and human body and love also ..

    i think addiction is a good think ,its depends up on what habit you addicted ..

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