[Guess!] What Will You Say If Someone Points Out Your Mistake?

¡Hola! Are you ready to [Guess!]? Check the answer to the last episode:


Sheldon closes the door to keep Bennett out because she is late.

After a nap, Sheldon wakes up finding something weird on his white board —— The sign of the equation has been changed.

Then he shouts out his roommate’s name, Leonard, who finds that the change consequently fixes the problem Sheldon has been having. It is not until Sheldon looks at the board carefully that he believes that.

It turns out that Leslie changed his equations. She thinks it is pretty cool to do that and says, “You’re welcome.” Apparently, Sheldon feels offended and he’s getting a bit angry. But it seems that Leslie enjoys being condescending to Sheldon and insulting his intelligence, which makes Sheldon kind of speechless…


Sheldon is trying to come up with an adjective to describe what Leslie did.

Then here is today’s [Guess!]:

What is the adjective?

Tips: You can find out the adjective in this episode!

When someone points out your mistakes, feeling superior to you, what will you say? Have you ever had an experience like that?

Looking forward to your comments!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Ohhh, cool thanks a lot for the points you had, I expect it will be better way to terminate the case.

    • I think the adjective may be insane. As it is shown in one of the pictures.

      Ya many time many people find out my faults. But I never feel bad for this as I think if you are wrong you should try to rectify it. Being a teacher I myself never feel bad to learn something new from my students or never feel bad if they find out my faults. I am a man so faults or mistakes are very common to our life. There is no reason to feel bad for this, rather I think everyone should try to learn from others. One is not complete in himself so he has to take many things from others. But sometime I have seen many of my friends try to be supirior than me when they find out my faults. They feel more glad to find out faults than giving me a chance to rectify and try to make me feel guilty in gatherings. Still I never feel bad as my thoughts are totally different from them. In such a situation what I do is I appritiate them in gatherings and with a natural respect and reverence I apologize to them for my faults. I believe that if I show too much arrogance then they will get a chance to make me do more and more mistakes as in wreath a person loses his all control over himself and then do more guilts and he presents himself grotesquely in gatherings.

      • Well, I think your are absolutely right .I definitely said to everyone who are facing this problem I will given you one suggestion you should accept your fault and try to rectify it in future because no one can perfect in his life.

  • Normally, mistakes is be done by any body, but the unacceptable to think superiority to do it

  • Off … Are there any adjective in this para.?
    Maybe PRETTY
    I didn’t have any like that experiences.

  • I definitely say thanks to him because it will helps me to be careful in future.
    My friends often points out me for my mistakes but it is not in the sense that they are feelng to be superior than me.. i know that they are doing so just because i would learn from my mistake and to be a tactful person.
    As per my perception the adjective in this episode is “Confident”.
    This adjective also relates to the second question that we should not loose our morale when someone superior hit us. We should remains confident and bold.

  • I will not be angry. I will analysis my mistakes and try to overcome.

  • I think it’s is good for me. If someone points out our mistakes

  • Thanx dear ,realising me my mistake
    I will improve my mistake

  • I will say do not poke your nose untill asked, it’s my mistake, i will realise it and for sure rectify it.
    Stay away!!!

  • I believe if I am or anyone is wrong then we have enough courage to agree our guilt and try to rectify this,because this is what humans do,nobody is perfect 😊

  • Thank you but no thank you for your assistant. I would have in control to resolve it.so This is totally unacceptable because he took advantage over my mistake. He thinks that you are also doing mistake so how come you dictate other people to give advise or suggestions or ask them to follow the regulations. He will start to see me like you are not that good like you think

  • The adjective can be Inconsiderate, thoughtless and tactless. In the positive way it can be confident too.

  • I don’t remember that I had like this experience, but If I have really mistakes in something and someone points out them for helping me or teaching me the right I will thank him.

  • Sometime you or me , may be wrong which has to accepted becouse there someone might superior than you who act as mirror to show your mistacks to rectify

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