[Phrases] Useful Expressions On Dating

Hello, guys, today we are going to talk about some useful expression on dating.

First of all, you might encounter some problems in asking others about their relationship status or expressing your own. Here are some expressions that can help you:


If you’re not in a relationship, you can say “I’m single.” or “I’m available.

2. I’m dating/on a date/in a relationship

On the contrary, if you’re not single, you can say “I’m dating/on a date/in a relationship.”

3. see someone

Of course, in western countries, we usually express our relationship status in a more implicit way. We often use “I’m seeing someone.” to express the fact that I’m dating.


As for how to ask people to go on a date with you, you can refer to the following sentences:

1.Are you free this morning?


A: Are you free this morning?

B: I’m afraid soWhat’s up?

A: I wonder if you could go climbing with me.

B: Well, I’d love to. It’s good for our health.


2. Do you happen to be free this evening?


A: Excuse meDo you happen to be free this evening?

B: Yes.

A: Would you like to go to see a movie with me?

B: I’d like toWonderful!



Jim: You look gorgeous today! Your dress is so beautiful. Did you go out for a date?

Amy: I did go out for a date. But actually, _________

A. I’m not single.  B. I’m seeing someone now.  C. I’m still available.


Have you mastered all of the phrases? See you in the next episode!

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