[Buzzword] Let’s Get A Kebab!

Hey guys! Welcome to today’s [Buzzword]! 

First I’d like to ask you what do you want most for summer?

Beach, Watermelon or air conditioner ? 





Why not get a kebab?  But what is “kebab”?

“Kebab” derives from the Arabic word for roast meat. It mean to cut meat into pieces, worn on a stick, and roasted over charcoal. Yeah, mostly we call it barbecue.

Turkish usually roll the kebab in a pancake, just like a hamburger.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. Let’s get a kebab! I know a great place!       
  2. He would probably make a kebab for me!              


Make a sentence with “kebab”!

Share with us what else do you want to eat in summer? And what do you usually do in summer?

Hope you can enjoy this summer and have a nice day!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • I like kebab 🥙 very much, it’s finger-liking good. One day I tried to make it myself at home but I was failed. Instead of kebab I made something else 😂which was not at all good.

      In summer if I say I would prefer mango – shake to drink 🍻 sitting in the veranda of my house. Actually I like mango very much. If not mango-shake then at least I need something of mango flavored like mango ice-cream 🍦. In my summer days my most favorite pastime is drinking mango shake 🍻 and listening to soulful Thumris by Naina Devi 🎶 . And my favorite haunt is the veranda of my house 🏡.

  • I’m vegetarian. I don’t eat.
    I prefer offering Kebab to my Husband.

    • I’m also vegetarian. But my friend vikash love to eat kebab

  • He try to make her friend first after that he share our feeling in front of her.

    • I like kebab…. my hubby like to eat everyday I am trying to do kebab at home but it was failed 😢 then also again I will try bcz it’s my hubby favourite food I have to cook with my hands for my sweet hubby 😍 then only am feeling so happy forever

  • I am Pakistani. Here I have many types of kabab. It’s a delicious meal I have ever eat.. 😍😍

  • I usually eat ice cream and sit in home itself. I had never eaten kabab.

  • I know how to make delicious kebab, would you want to eat.

  • I used to stay at home every summer because hate weathers But this summer I guess I have to change that and do something different
    The foods that I like in this season everyhing content of fats and vegetables “I meant I eat anything everytime and everywhere😂😂

    • Though kebab contains lot of fats but it’s so delicious to eat with naan bread or ketchup.

  • Yesterday me and my family to a restaurant where the cheif was adept in making kebabs

  • Kebab is one of my favorites . I like to make it on my own way

  • I like kebab because I always prefer non-veg and it’s yummy😋

  • In summer i love to eat mango and the sentence of kebab is
    My favourite dish is kebab

  • hey there, are you okay today? On this comment I would like to tell you about my first time to taste meal like a kebab. On that time, I was went to a festival, it name is Buleleng Festival. There location at North of Bali. I’m not lonely to go there, but with my buddies from classmates. When I was walking around the festival, I visited the special area for dinner, drinks, and maybe for taste new food. Than I saw many people to buy some food and drinks. There are a many Balinese food too, and finally I got a new food and I think it’s interesting to try, there’s kebeb. Thanks. 😁

  • I like mostly beach first among three then watermelon after air-conditioning in summer.

    I love to eat kebab. It’s delicious. There is a restaurant named universal near to my room. Myself along with my friends usually go there to eat kebabs specially. It’s actually famous for kebabs.

  • Kebab is good example for a zinc food.it would be delicious and healthy.

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