[Mini Blog] Should You Tell Your Friend If He Smells Bad?

Happy Friday! Guys!

Do you still remember the topic last week?


Many readers left their comments, and undoubtedly the overwhelming group of people agreed that living with parents is much better.



Few of them prefer to live alone because of freedom.


In summary, no matter what your choice is, just live in your own way.

Let’s move on.


Well, the hot summer is coming! Every time when you stay close behind others in the crowd, you may feel it very hard to tolerate others’ s body smell. But if he/she is your friend, maybe you believe it embarrassed to talk to him/her on this problem. However, if you fail to do so, your friend may lose face in front of others.


Should you tell your friend if he smells bad?


Please share your ideas with me, and I will pick some of the interesting comments next week.


Have a nice day!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Yes obviously i will tell with them but in a polite manner which will be not embarrassed. Incating such a things will become a clear path to them.Thamks

  • Yes, i tell to him like a seriously talk and show how i feel about it, because obviously this make me take a physical distance from him.

  • Yes, we should tell them but not in front of everyone.
    We should talk to him politely and make him know that it’s common thing that everyone faces.

  • I’m so sorry for this thing. I’m never tell my friend if her body smells bad. I don’t know how to tell her in a right way so I prefer to keep it on my mind and yass talking and playing with her as usual

  • If my buddy smells, I would ask him whether I smell or not rather telling him direct that you smells and if he is a smart one surely he would smell himself also and if he smells himself, my mission would be accomplished

  • Sure.. I’ll her because I don’t wanna embarrassed my friend in front of everyone …I tell her but in a caring way….

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