[Buzzword] How To Deal With Infobesity?

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Okay, now what do you feel? For me, there is too much information to receive. I don’t even know which one I should focus on, and that really stresses me out and makes me distracted.

Before, there was a time when parents were concerned about children being obese, there was a lot of reports coming about saying obesity in children or health problems in children.

Nowadays, we are in the age of technology, also known as information explosion era. Just like obesity, which appeared to be a scary epidemic across children, we have “infobesity” today.

the condition of continually consuming large amounts of information, especially when this has a negative effect on a person’s well-being and ability to concentrate.


We live in a world in which information is king, and the days of waiting to receive it or leaving the house to find it are long gone. Too much information could cause loss of priority and attention, then we could feel distracted, nervous and even exhausted. Consequently, when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur.

Example sentences:

  • Our survey suggests that nearly half of the UK’s office workers are suffering from Infobesity.


Make a sentence with infobesity.

Have you ever suffered from infobesity?

How do you deal with it?

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  • Many time i suffer from infobesity in which i can not prefer the task to do first.

    • Yes many times I suffer from infobesity But it only happens then when I make myself ready to read my lessons. Because there is too much to read but the time is too short as the exam is very close. So when I determine myself to read any one topic and to focus only on it the other topics constantly disturb me. And I fall in great tension. And at the end of the day I find that I have completed neither that topic nor anything else. So it is happening constantly with me. Yet I haven’t find out any way to get out this trouble. I think this is the problem of all students so I request you U Dictionary to give any suggestion. Please please please please. If you help me then I will be greatfull to you.

      • I think Consantraion is solution thanks to give solution

      • If you got obesity, you need to pick the food you really need, and don’t eat junk food. Then, if you got infobesity, all you need is to reduce your consumption of information, and pick the ones that you need.

  • I tried to inculcate all the vocab of personality and characters from udictionary at a time, I feel the affect of infobesity.

  • The workers of the new mall always suffered from infobesity.
    Maths oh gosh that was really infobesity. I itself don’t know how I deal with it

  • While talking I forgot the vocabulary, after that I can’t talk so feeling like infobesity

  • Today,we are in need to gain lot of information so I think infobesity be as a routine work to achieve.

  • Infobesity makes me sick during my daily dose of learning working extra anyway enfobeity is bery distracting danger and i would love to get rid of it forever

  • I wish I knew a way to deal with infobesity.

    I suffer from infobosity and I think I have done it all my life.

    Any one has an idea to deal with it?

  • every day we get a new infobesity but we can’t load all of these so we have to contionously prectice to come over and connect to social and news

  • I feel I have been infobesitified everytime I have to study for exams , like before exam I have learn so much that I feel my brain is filled with a lot of stuffs. And as asked how do I deal with it ? Well truly speaking I don’t do anything about it I just to with the flow but however, I do listen to music or visit to my friend to make myself stress free as I feel really stressful during exam . For me I guess only exposure to infobesity is the term of exam . Well I went pretty long sorry for that. Thanks!

  • I think I suffer from infobesity the most everytime I want to buy something. I have a habit of searching for reviews carefully before I make a decision on what to buy. It is supposed to be helpful when we can search for information about different products on the internet. However, when there is too much information, it starts to make me confused and tired. I wasted a lot of time searching and reading. Eventually, it was even harder for me to make up my mind.

  • Most college students getting stressed and exhausted for they suffer by infobesity.

  • Yes I felt infobesity! 2 years ago when I was in my college days I was disheartened from study due to some of my personal reasons at the time of exam when there is 1 day left before exam I started to study and I didn’t find which chapter I start first which question I chosec first some how I decided which 1 I had to chose at the same time I realised no that 1 is more imoimport..and so on….finall after awakened a whole night I didn’t complete a single chapter and I was very tensed what would happen in exam

  • A many of people has the ability to stay away from the infobesity.

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