[Phrases] How To Describe Personality And Character? (4)

¡Hola! Here comes part 4 which is also the last part! Before that, maybe you’d like to review part 1part 2 and part 3!

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11. how one’s attitude is around other people


  • humble ≠ arrogant

humble /’hʌmbl/: showing you do not think that you are as important as other people

arrogant /’ærəg(ə)nt/: behaving in a proud, unpleasant way, showing little thought for other people

  • modest ≠ vain

modest /’mɒdɪst/: not talking much about your own abilities or possessions

vain /veɪn/: too proud of your own appearance, abilities or achievements

  • submissive ≠ bossy

submissive /səb’mɪsɪv/: too willing to accept somebody else’s authority and willing to obey them without questioning anything they want you to do

bossy/’bɒsɪ/: always telling people what to do

12. How relaxed some

one is


  • chilled ≠ tense

chilled /tʃɪld/: relaxed

tense/tens/: nervous or worried, and unable to relax

  • laid-back ≠ uptight

laid-back: calm and relaxed; seeming not to worry about anything

uptight: anxious and/or angry about something

  • optimistic ≠ pessimistic

optimistic /ɒptɪ’mɪstɪk/: expecting good things to happen or something to successful

pessimistic/,pesɪ’mɪstɪk/: expecting bad things to happen or something not to be successful

13. How attractive someone is

maxresdefault (6).jpg

  • charismatic ≠ boring

charismatic /kærɪz’mætɪk/: a charismatic person attracts, influences, and inspires people by their personal qualities.

boring: someone or something boring is so dull and uninteresting that they make people tired and impatient.

  • gorgeous, glamorous ≠ repulsive

gorgeous /’gɔːdʒəs/: very beautiful or pleasant; sexually attractive.

glamorous /’glæmərəs/: someone or something glamorous is attractive, exciting, or interesting than ordinary people or things.

repulsive /rɪ’pʌlsɪv/: something or someone repulsive are horrible and disgusting and you want to avoid them.

  • enchanting ≠ irritating

enchanting /ɪn’tʃɑːntɪŋ/: attractive or charming.

irritating /’ɪrɪteɪtɪŋ/:making you feel annoyed or angry.


Use 3 of the adjectives to describe yourself and/or someone else down below!

This is the end of this topic!

13 situations and 77 adjectives, how many have you remembered?

Take some time to review them!

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  • I am humble cause I believe that we should behave equal with others. I am chilled, I don’t let tense to overcome myself. I am charismatic, however boring people never liked by anyone. Modesty made me optimistic. Gorgeous, glamorous and enchanting, these all qualities are iterally in myself. 😍😍😂

    • Amazing…
      Thank you so much..
      Hope i will give may better ..
      And will try to keep myself attractive in front of others…
      Well, amazing phrase !
      Thank you ! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    • I have to make my personality & I’m different others people

    • I am humble enough but sometime I become arrogant when I do a great thing but that is for a few moments, it is not my characteristic feature rather, I am modest. But I think my some friends are too vein and bossy, where I am a submissive guy. But I become bossy before my sister. To say honestly I am too tense, upright and pessimistic kind of person, but I have a great friend who is too much optimistic, laid-back and chilled. He always make me inspired. He is charmistic, gorgeous, enchanting and glamorous enough. How much I appreciate him is less than his remarking features. Truly, I have many friends who are very boring, irritating and repulsive but when I meet with my soul friend I totally forget everything.

  • I think our school asst. Head girl is vain becz she is always talking and about her post.. but our head girl is charismatic and submissive.

  • Vain,submissive,boring,repulsive, irritating, tense,uptight, pessimistic, humble

  • In my opinion I’m a humble person and also I expect people be humble because this habit is reduce most of unnecessary bad situation…🙂🙂
    People who is arrogant they can’t survive piece fully..😣😣
    So people have to change their thoughts and behave politely..🙂🙂
    Actually I’m modest , only you can concentrate on you personality improvement..😎😎
    If you have vein habit ,you can’t grew up yourself..😯😯
    Actually people who have got this quality are very minimum..😮😮
    This is very important and useful in corporate sector..🙄🙄
    In my aspiration we have to get relaxed as get as possible, and don’t be tensed because there’s nothing will change for that..😌😌
    In my view we have to laid back on unwanted, unethical and unnecessary thing, but don’t laid back on my career and personal growth.right!😎😎
    Obviously , optimistic and pessimistic depends on our habit,thoughts, situation,likes and dislikes..😐😐
    Say for example if we want to succeed at one thing we expect good things happen to me and also bad things happen to who is opposite of me or competite with me.. right!😯😯
    Actually we have to inspire people by our personal qualities ,so we have to attract them by the way of charismatic..🙂🙂
    But I’m actually somewhat charismatic and somewhat boring..😋😋
    I’m obviously gorgeous but not much glamorous and neither repulsive as well..😍😍
    I’m a absolute enchanting person and i have never hurt anyone intentionally..🙂🙂
    Actually I’m not hurt anyone merely so I’m not irritating, and I’m a thoughtful,tactful and considered person who one is has these qualities they never hurt anyone this my perception..😐😐

    ❤Thank you..❤

    • How long you wrote no-one can understand what of person you are

  • My friends say i am humble and an optimist by nature but sometimes i feel myself to be arrogant with the arrogant and repulsive people …..

  • I can’t describe my self, just other people can describe me..
    But i think i’m humble but sometimes i’m arrogant.
    Thank you

  • I think I’m humble, I just become chilled with those who are close enough to me, but otherwise I feel tense with strangers. I want to be gorgeous I know it’s too hard but I have never felt pessimistic cause I’m always optimistic. I don’t want to be an arrogant and bossy person, I’d like to be a modest and an attractive person.
    Thanks for this lovely information I just hope to continue in surprising and learning us in a good way ❤❤❤😘

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