[Buzzword] I Bet You Hate This…

Hey guys! Let’s check the answers to the last episode:

  1. suffocated
  2. stuffocated

Before today’s [Buzzword], I’d like to ask you a question: have you ever fallen over accidentally with your face moving towards the ground or a surface?


If you have, then you can just say you did a faceplant

a fall with your face moving towards the ground or a surface before the rest of your body.

If someone faceplants, they involuntarily fall forwards so that their whole face comes into contact with the surface they fall into. Typically this is the ground, but you can potentially faceplant into anything – a wall, the door, a clump of bushes … even your bowl of porridge!


The word faceplant appears to date back to the early 2000s, originally used to describe accidents in skateboarding and snowboarding. It was formed as a humorous variant of the word handplant, an intentional move in these sports in which the skater balances on their hand as they complete a manoeuvre.

Example sentences:

  • Used as a noun:

Eg. I tried to do a handplant but did a faceplant.

  • Used as a verb:

Eg. He faceplanted and broke his glasses.


Make a sentence with faceplant.

Looking forward to your comments!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • When I was moving around the ground there was too much mud and I tried to be too much careful so that the mud could not touch my pant but suddenly one of my friends came running towards me to say hello but he slipped and both he and me faceplanted in the ground.

  • Once I was playing on bed. Suddenly I Slipped and fell down on the floor.and I faceplanted in a marinated chicken bowl.

  • I was sitting carefully but when i tilt to back i faceplanted

  • I remembered when i was achild , i did afaceplant and i gone to ahospital for 2 days

  • That was my first and humorous experience when I faceplanted on the ground infront of my sister

  • When I was ride a motorcycle, I was very fast and had a accident and I had faceplant, and made my shoulder dislocation.

  • When i entered into my room i didn’t say that floor is wet and i accidentally Faceplanted

  • my neice loves to be faceplanted in bed during jumping……ooops….i think its wrong….

  • my neice loves to be faceplanted in bed during jumping. ooops….i think its wrong. ..

  • I was playing soccer, one of my friends kicked my leg instead of the ball, and I immediately faceplanted right on the paved school field…

    #truestory it literally hurted a lot…

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