Hey guys! Are you ready to GUESS?! Let’s check the answers to the last episode:


The man locked the door and took away all the stuff instead of the cabinet…

Here are some interesting comments:

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Frank(Phoebe’s half-brother) tells Phoebe that he haven’t slept in four years. Why? Because he has to look after three kids.


Actually, Phoebe is Frank and Alice’s surrogate who carried the three kids and gave birth to them. Frank feels so exhausted from caring for three kids that he asks phoebe a favor.


A horrible favor? what would that be?


Phoebe is so surprised because this is what she thought before but felt it impossible to happen. For the sake of hiding her thought, she shouts out, “What? You can’t separate them, that’s terrible!” But simultaneously asks, “which one?”


Well, it is kid-choosing time. First, how about Frank Jr. Jr.?


Alright, what about Leslie?


Okay, so that leaves Chandler.


Oh! It is really hard to decide, isn’t it?


Here comes today’s [Guess!].

Will Frank abandon one of his kids? If so, comparing the three kids, which one do you think Frank would be willing to abandon? Why?

If you were Phoebe, what would you do?

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