[Buzzword] Have You Ever Been Stuffocated?

Hey guys! How’s your weekend? Today we’re gonna talk about “stuffocation“.


Maybe you would think that it should be “suffocation” and I spelled wrong. Actually, the word “stuffocation” is made of “stuff” and “suffocation“. And of course if you combine their meaning, you get the meaning of “stuffocation“.

It refers to a feeling of stress caused by having so many things that you do not know how to use or store them all.

With the improvement of living standards, we tend to purchase more and more stuff even if we don’t actually need them. Consequently, our wardrobes, cabinets and even houses are full of those stuff, some of which are even not used once.


More precisely, stuffocation is the feeling of being overwhelmed and weighed down by material things. Classic examples include regularly having to rummage through masses of junk you never use in order to get to the items you actually need, opening a wardrobe brimming with garments and not being able to find a thing to wear, and on receiving a gift, not feeling pleasure or gratitude but a surge of indifference or anxiety about what you’re going to do with it.

On the pattern of the verb “suffocate”, those of us experiencing such a negative reaction to stuff can be said to “stuffocate”.

Example sentence:

I can’t help the overwhelming feeling that I am about to stuffocate when I look at that messy office.


Fill the blank spaces with the right from of “suffocate” or “stuffocate”.

  1. The gloomy sky, people feel depressed, and even __________.
  2. What a mess! I am totally ________.

Have you ever bought something you don’t actually need?

What is it?

Looking forward to your comments!

See you!

Look forward to your reply!

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