[Mini Blog] Do You Prefer To Live Alone Or With Parents?

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Do you still remember the last episode?

Should The Finale Of Game Of Thrones Be Remade?

Some readers told us that they have never watched this TV drama, but because of its popularity, they knew the finale dissatisfied the fans.

Those who have watched it overwhelmingly believed that it should be remade.



However, a reader held a totally different opinion.


Now, let’s move on!


After graduating from university, who do you want to live with? Living alone or with your parents? Some people would like to live on their own because they think more freedom and personal space can be given. However,  others believe that they can be taken good care of by their parents, and forget the high rents.

Do You Prefer To Live Alone Or With Parents?


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  • However . wherever you live have realisation and social care…

    • Yes, me too. I forget the high rent and others
      Even I can help my parents with the budget

  • I don’t know all depends my mood, and now if i rich i want live alone (cmiiw)

  • After achieving my dream I would like to live with my parents but before that I would like to leave alone .

  • I prefer live by myself. I can do whatever i wanna do *not in a weird way*

  • I prefer to live alone actually because i really want to study abroad without my parent, omg however i gonna miss them ,wish me luck guys

  • I prefer live with my parents than live alone but maybe live alone is great i think, and someday i want try it, but maybe not longer haha

  • After achieving my dreams I like to lilive with my parents.

  • I think alone without parents because only for freedom and personal space.

  • I prefer to live with paparen coz parent always think best about their own choldren.No one can understand you like your parents.They suggest is right path when we do something wrong.

  • I think we should live our parents because they are my god

  • Alone obviously for me cause I’m unbiased and introverted and an intelligent kid with good physique.

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