[Phrases] How To Describe Personality And Character? (2)

Hey guys! Welcome to part 2! Before start, congratulations to George! This comment commendably covers almost all the words in part 1!Popo截图2019529103513.png

5. How honest you are with others

  • sincere ≠ insincere

sincere /sɪn’sɪə/ : showing what you really think or feel.

  • frank ≠ secretive

frank: honest, sincere, and telling the truth, even when this might be awkward or make other people uncomfortable.

secretive /’siːkrɪtɪv/ : hide their feelings, thoughts, intentions, and actions from other people.

  • direct ≠ sneaky

direct: saying exactly what you mean in a way that nobody can pretend not to understand.

sneaky: behaving in a secret and sometimes dishonest or unpleasant way.

6. How open you are to the views and culture of others


  • tolerant ≠ intolerant

tolerant /’tɒl(ə)r(ə)nt/ : able to accept what others say or do even if you do not agree with it.

  • open-minded ≠ narrow-minded

open-minded: willing to listen to, think about or accept different ideas.

narrow-minded: not willing to listen to new ideas or to the opinions of others.

  • biased ≠ unbiased

biased /’baɪəst/ : making unfair judgement; have a tendency to favor a certain group of people.

unbiased: fair and not influenced by your own or someone else’s opinions.

7. How motivated you are


  • strong-willed ≠ weak-willed

strong-willed: determined to do what you want to do, even if other people advise you not to.

  • determined ≠ irresolute

determined: you make firm decisions to do things and you don’t let anyone dissuade you.

irresolute: not able to decide what to do.

  • driven ≠ apathetic

driven: determined to succeed, and working very hard to do so.

apathetic: showing no interest or enthusim

Let’s take some time to digest and do some practice with these words in the 3 situations!


Use 3 of the adjectives to describe yourself and/or someone else down below!

Interesting comments will be picked out in the next episode!

See you next time!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • I am sincere enough to others but sometime I become very much insincere while thinking about something deeply. So naturally I am frank to share my thoughts with others but in some cases I am secretive also as I believe every person should have something to deal with only himself but my this secretive nature never make me sneaky rather to say I am direct in my behavior to others but some people are always there who are intolerant and try to make me like them but I am not like them, I am tolerant. Though their behaviors hurt me a lot still I am open minded not to let any narrow thinkings come in my mind about them in a word I am not narrow minded. Though their behavior is painful I have promised not to be unbiased to do pertiality to others I want to be biased. So I am different from those weak-willed persons, I am strong-willed, determined and driven. Because I thankful to my God that He has given me the power to stay among those irresolute and apathetic person who can not take any decision themselves and can not show any enthusiasm to others. I promise I would never be like them.

      • I think you meant, “…not to be biased instead you choose to be unbiased To do partially to the other”

        Or maybe you really meant that way ? 😁 Not

  • It’s all about my irresolute which I couldn’t determine the ability.As I am doing yoga in early morning which my ability has enhanced.Then after my strong willed mind driven me into the top.So shouldn’t be apathetic while doing our work or esle we were going loose our goal.

  • Sincerety towards others is sincerety to yourself… being sincere is a major part of my personality and i prefer it over everything… i’m sincere with my studies, obviously my parents, friends and myself….honestly speaking; when i commit myself with something, i just do it….yes! I mostly make use of tolerance and cn have others opinions and views about smthing into consideration…i am partly frank and secretive depends on the situation that could prevail… so tats it….
    Thank u for guiding us and providing a platform where we can express our thoughts, ideas, feelings and opinions…truely an amazing app.
    Udictionery u rock!!

  • In my perception i’m proud to say “I’m sincere to others thoughts and feelings”, I’m honestly say that I’m bit frank and more secrative ,its have some reason behind it that’s if you would be frank at all time some true things makes feel bad so that’s not my intention to offend anyone this is why I’m bit honest and more secrative…😊😊

    First of all tolerant and intolerant depends upon who is the opposite person ,if opposite party is ethical and well disciplined person I’m tolerant for him ,if vice versa I’m intolerant because if any one request you to do un ethical thing , I’m sure defenately you can’t do it ..😏😏
    According to me I’m open minded person because I’m a graduate student, if I learn and grow with my career I’m should be open minded..😐😐
    In others view I’m a unbiased ,I’m never agree wrong judgement for my favour..😎😎
    Actually I’m a strong will person , i guess I have a
    Ability take decision like what I want to do and don’t ,if I weak willed person ,i could not write this comment !😋😋
    I guess I’m a determined like wise driven person ,i can take decision towards my goals and work hard for it as well..☺️☺️
    I’m felt happy to shared my thoughts….🤗🤗🤗

  • I think i am in the middle, i mean at the same time i can be a frank person and the next time i am become secretive. I think it’s depend on what situation must i face. I look on what type person who are talking with me. If i know that person is open mind, so i feel free to talk everything who comes from my mind and what i feel. But if that person is not really close with me, it better if i must be careful with my words, i try not to hurt that person. I am not sure where i must stand for but i know that my personality just mixed 😂
    But i know 100% that i am tolerant if youre talking about how i am open to the cultures of others. I have many friends who have different religion and different cultures. And i think iam enough tolerant to them.
    Sorry my english is bad #rip

  • Hmmm being sincere is useful but sometimes you need to being insincere for some reasons. Is that so ?
    Hahaha 😂😂

  • Honestly, when you talk to those narrow minded person, you will get the difficulty time. I believe you will being indignant when you have some conversation to conclude about something with them. Otherwise talk to those open minded person is really fun, cause you dont have to argue to conclude something.

    Is that so ?

  • I m Frank , sincere person but sometimes my ness creates problems for me really

  • I’m frank and this post is just awesome , for english language learners it is really helpful. Thanks for the post.

  • Sincerely speaking after reading this , I found what are the traits that really describes my personality . Firstly, thanks to U -DICTIONARY  for giving us such a useful content . Now moving on ,

    Insincerity is not a part of me . I am of a frank nature but I never say the things that makes the moment awkward or uncomfortable for anyone . Sometimes. there are the situations that demands to be secretive . Direct with my words , I don’t like sneaky behaviour , whatever is wrong , is wrong and whatever is right , is right .

    Tolerant and having an open mind , I am always unbiased in my decisions at my work place as well as in my personal life and being determined with a strong will is like cherry on the cake . I work hard everyday to achieve my goals this shows the driven side of me and to those who are apathetic, irresolute and weak willed I suggest to get motivated instead of making biased decisions , having an intolerant nature and a naroow mind, you need to set your aim and work for it .

    ( I tried to cover all the words under one frame )

  • I usually keep all things in my mind,i.e, secretive minded. I don’t like to tell everyone what I think but everyone will fastly understand I still don’t know why. I am always driven what most usually failure happens. Sometimes I am irresolute but only in some situations.

  • Having interview for international school .. they called me for demo lecture.. but i am totally irresolute☹. What demo i should give… and how can i be get so fluent in front of interviewers .. bcz i don’t have experience to teach school level…

  • I often feel like I’m too transparant for people around me, especially to my closest friend. I always tell them anything sincerly. It maybe sounds good to be an honest person, but sometimes it also makes me in trouble because i was too easy to believe in people, even for those who haven’t been close enough with me.

  • I want to be a sincere but certain things making me insincere and if i am frank for the all matters it would become a unnecessary problem.Everyday i pray god to become myself strong willed thats why i can determined upcoming events and last but the not least thank you all for keeping tolerance to read my opinions.

  • Until now i think iam not a open minded people
    But sometimes i act like a tollerant people. Because i love peace and i don’t like make something or some situsiation go to be weird.
    Weird is very disturbing for me, actually.
    And then if i must be Frank i Will thinkhard about it. I Will look the situsiation and make decision must i be Frank or just be quite.

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