Hey guys! Are you ready to GUESS?! Let’s check the answers to the last episode:

Smith promised that he would pay off the student loan debt for the historically black college’s graduating class.

Here are the selected comments:


Joey and Chandler are roommates. One day, Joey built a cabinet by himself and he loves it so much. But obviously, the cabinet is too long and it doesn’t fit their room——it is in the way every time Chandler walks out his room. And this time, Chandler even cuts his suit on the sharp point of the cabinet. Then he asked Joey to sell the cabinet.



After a few days, a man who wants to buy the cabinet comes. Then Joey starts to show him how nice the cabinet is. He said that it is big enough to fit a grown man, but the guy doesn’t believe it.


To convince the man and prove he was right, Joey gets himself in the cabinet voluntarily and promises that he will lower 5 bucks off the price if he can’t get in.

Now he is in the cabinet.


Alright, here comes today’s [Guess!].

What would happen after Joey has been in the cabinet?

Tips: Joey said, “my roommate…”

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