[Buzzword] TOXIC People Ruin Your Life!

Hi guys! Welcome to today’s [Buzzword]! Have you ever been dealing with a toxic person? Wait, what is “toxic”?

“Toxic” is defined as “poisonous”, “very unpleasant or unacceptable”, “causing you a lot of harm and unhappiness over a long period of time”.


It has its origins in the Greek “toxikon pharmakon” meaning “poison for arrows”. But these years, people have been using “toxic” to describe a vast array of things, situations, concerns, and events. Like “toxic air”, “toxic algae”, “toxic chemicals”, “toxic fumes”, or”toxic waste”. Then people started to use it to describe workplaces, schools, cultures, relationships and stress.


So what on earth is a “toxic person”? Here are some examples:

1. Conversational Narcissist

Have you ever been trying to talk to someone who won’t let you get a word in? Maybe you are talking with a toxic person.

2. Control Freak

The straight jacket is someone who wants to control everything and everyone around them. They freak out when you disagree with them or don’t do as what they say. And they won’t stop trying to convince you that they are right.

3. Unstoppable Complainers

It seems that something is always wrong in these people’s world. Once a problem is solved, another one emerges. They just keep complaining, but they only want your sympathy and support, not your advice! Even if you’re trying to offer help and solutions, they never seem to want to fix anything. Instead, they just want to complain.

In conclusion, the term “toxic person” can have a lot of meanings, but it generally refers to a person whose behavior negatively affects us most of the time.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. These substances can be toxic to humans.
  2. Why you gotta be so toxic? please calm down.


Make a sentence with “toxic”!

Have you ever been tired of dealing with a toxic person? What happened then?

Hope that you have enough courage to stop them ruining your life!

Have a good day!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • The viscosity and toxic nature of the heavy fuel oil made its environmental impact especially tragic.

      Yes in my life I have dealt with many toxic person but the most memorable one I am sharing here. One day I was coming back from my school when I saw a person lying on the road. After seeing him I understood that he is a toxic person. So I just tried to pass him silently but suddenly that person gripped me leg. I fell down on the ground. It was a lonely place nobody was there so I got scared soon. That person called me in some different name and tried to convince me to go with him in his house. It was a terrible situation for me. Then somehow I fixed a plan and told him that a snake is there climbing his leg. And when he became a little bit absent minded, I pushed him hardly so that he fall down on the ground and I fled away from there. That person was so much toxic that he couldn’t stand up properly so I got a chance to flee away

  • Just because of her, my friend became so toxic that I can’t utter a word to her.

  • Some of my villagers are so TOXIC that they won’t any developmental activities

    • Sorry the word ‘Allow’ missed before ‘any developmental activities ‘

  • Yes, in every person there is a toxic mindsets which says us to relax and think some useless thing so we must eradicate the toxic mindsets from the root itself bcoz no plant can grow with help of toxic substances.

  • Yes I have ever been tired coz my life is full of toxic people.
    They never left anybody away from their negativity even they can’t see others happy . Whenever I feel happy they must show their toxic behaviour and make me feel sad.

  • I don’t about this , but someone tell me the truth of my best friend and then I realize that she is the toxic person

  • I”ve never been dealihg with a toxic person in my live any more

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