[Phrases] How To Describe Personality And Character? (1)

Hey guys! Let’s check the answers to the last episode at first :

  1. Hello, I would like to speak to Tony Stark.
  2. Can I leave him a message?
  3. Could you tell her that I will be the New Iron Man?
  4. No, that’s all. Thanks for you help.

(There are no standard answers, just remember this is a formal call, all you need to do is being polite, and of course making sure your sentences are correct and make sense.)

Almost each of you answered perfectly! Congratulations!

Today we’re gonna learn some useful adjectives which describe personality and character!

1. How willing you are to communicate with others

  • extroverted ≠ introverted

extroverted /’ekstrəʊvɜːtɪd/ : lively and confident, and enjoys being around other people.

introverted /’ɪntrə(ʊ)vɜːtɪd/ : more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people.

  • talkative ≠ quiet

talkative /’tɔːkətɪv/ : somebody who likes to talk a lot.

quiet: tending not to talk a lot.

  • confident ≠ shy

confident: feeling sure about your ability to do things and be successful.

shy: nervous about meeting people or speaking to people.

2. How you make others feel

  • warm ≠ cold

warm: showing enthusiasm or affection; friendly

cold: without emotion; unfriendly

  • kind ≠ unkind

kind: caring about others; gentle, friendly and generous

unkind: unpleasant or unfriendly; slightly cruel

3. How you treat the feelings of others

  • considerate ≠ inconsiderate

considerate /kən’sɪd(ə)rət/ : always thinking of other people’s wishes and feeling; careful not to hurt or upset others.

inconsiderate: not giving enough thought about other people’s feelings or needs.

  • thoughtful ≠ thoughtless

thoughtful: showing that you think about and care for others.

thoughtless: not caring about the possible effects of your words or actions on others.

  • tactful ≠ tactless

tactful /’tæktfʊl/ : careful not to say or do anything that will annoy or upset others.

tactless: saying or doing things that are likely to annoy or to upset other people.

4. How much people can trust you

  • trustworthy ≠ untrustworthy

trustworthy /’trʌs(t)wɜːðɪ/ : deserving of trust, or able to be trusted.

  • reliable ≠ unreliable

reliable: can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect.

  • loyal ≠ disloyal

loyal /’lɒɪəl/ : remaining faithful to somebody/something and supporting them or it.

Let’s take some time to digest and do some practice with these words in the 4 situations!

And the following 8 situations will be accomplished in the following episodes!


Use 3 of the adjectives to describe yourself and/or someone else down below!

Interesting comments will be picked out in the next episode!

See you next time!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • According to me in communication I’m INTROVERTED. I guess this is not good for me but I feel better being introverted the way that i guess when we are extroverted while we can’t focus on our own thought and feelings and we can’t improve our thinking ability and creative thinking to do something new .I mean may be it’s lead to gossip!!
    You may predict me by above text like I’m a shy And quiet.if so , obviously yes!!! I’m…
    I’m honestly say that I make other feel warm and kind .,😃😃
    Always I ever considerate other feelings and i have a thoughtful and tactful mind as well..
    I’m proud to say this I’m completely deserved for the three things like trustworthy, loyal and reliable ,don’t have a thought like I’m complement myself 😮😮
    I’m actually felt by my friend and relatives..😎😎
    Note: Everything is my opinion 😃😃

    • I’m extroverted . generally, I like to talk with people who are around me nd cheerish them ,my only motto is to live happily along with others .Be good to other’s ,it doesn’t matter they did with u .
      Another feature is I’m loyal & trustworthy .i kept things of many people nd forget in front of others like a small kid .
      Thanks for this .☺️

      • Really. You are being like me . I also keeeping many things on me but i am not showing to others

      • Hello can you talk to me. If yes then you give me your contact number .

  • I am introvert person along with I have a personality of to be quiet but it doesn’t mean I am not confident. Other people feels about me is that I am trustworthy ,loyal and anyone can relia on me .My perspective for others people feelings is that I am thoughtful, considerate their point of view, tactful kind of person. When people come in the contact of me they get warm, kind of treatment.

  • That is good for persons like me who is from another country because that thing help us to understand the diffrences between the common words thank you

  • Yes now i can define my personality as introverted. Usually i spent time with myself alone and avoid crowds as it makes me feel uncomfortable. You might say that i m nt confident in my own skin bt i think loneliness strenghthens your personality n makes u stronger to face challenges alone…. i am working on improving my personality to a confident one…by the way my sister is the opposite…say an extroverted personality…she is talkative while people say me a silent queen…she’s mostly confident n m shy sometimes….its like i’m nt sure that people feel warmth around me, maybe because i make people uncomfortable around me . lack of confidence..
    bt its certain that i am a very kind hearted human say i’m considerate, thoughtful and tactfull on whom u cn trust with reliability….i am very loyal to people around me…. And i’m proud of all these qualities of mine…♥♡♥

  • I’m a definitely introverted. I’m too shy to start a conversation but once people have conversation with me they’ll be so comfortable because I’m a warm kind of girl. According to my friends I’m a thoughtful person and that makes me trustworthy.

    • Just some differences but once people starts talking with me I will be talketive.

  • There are two different ways of explaining the personality and character. One is from your side and the other one from the people who likes or dislikes your personality and character. If ypu are good in personality it doesn’t mean that you are playing a good character in your daily life.

  • I’m ambivert and reliable to my fellows.
    At times, I dunno how to handle with tactless people. So, being frank is better rather than being shy while dealing with thoughtless people.

  • I am introvert and extrovert both as it depends on my mood .i am trustworthy and reliable person and kind towards every person .I consider thoughts of others and i perform things in tactful manner

  • I am very much honest to say that I am very much introverted I like to stay within myself, l does not like too much noise or crowd but my Kanha is totally different from me he is very much talkative and extroverted,totally opposite of mine. Though I like living within myself I am not disloyal or cold or untrustworthy to others, my Kanha is also very trustworthy, helpful and reliable and in that case we are complementary to each other. My Kanha is also a little bit of tactful while talking with others I am also. His thoughtfulness inspires me a lot and I love him a lot.

  • I am extroverted person but it doesn’t mean I am shy. Before starting conversation first I observe the personilty of other person and then I talked to his way which he/she want to listen. By this method people easily trust you and feel free and close to discuss things.

  • I look to myself and see that sometimes I can be thoughful and considerate towards others, but in the other time I can be thoughless and tactless. Maybe it’s depend on what kind of mood I have in that moment or how my feeling is. Indeed, human being is a mixture of goodness and badness. We can’t expect people to always be kind and caring, sometimes they can be unkind and thoughless too, and vice versa

  • I easily communicate with other people as i m extrovert, too much talkative and confident person
    As i m very soft spoken person my voice is very soft n sweet as people say so people get easily attach to me and when they come in contact with me they get warm and kind treatment
    I treat the feelongs of others with considerate, thoughtful and tactful my parents taught me to do so and i m very soft hearted person also
    As people call me that i m the box of hidden treasures so this explains that i m trustworthy, reliable and loyal person

  • I am confident with my ability on speak,and i am talkative when i am speaking ,and also warm to other people things and feels

  • Iam liable to do things thoughtfully and kind towards others.. don’t be thoughtless it hurts others

  • I am both introvert and at the same time extrovert . It depends on situation . For example if situation demands me to talk deal with others then I am introvert but if situation demands me to remain to remain silent and think then I am extrovert. I am also very trustworthy and kind. And also my friends feel warm around me.

  • I have a best friend. I think she is the extroverted type. I doubt it at first, because she’s kind of a quite person, she doesn’t talk much. Well I have a prejudice that every extroverted person should be talkative. But then as I get to know her better, I see that she enjoys meeting people on many occasions, she almost never decline every invitation she got when she had free time, and she loves to go out to many places by riding her motorcycle. That’s why I think she’s an extrovert. What do you think? Do you agree with me?

  • I am extrovert….always enjoy people’s company whom i i really care about or people who are sincere to me.. and also i m too much talkative only give me topic to talk if i i ha enough knowledge i can elaborate it very well . people around me always enjoy my company
    I m warm hearted ,abd some time become tactless , and thats a flaw in my character which i m trying to overcome…..

  • Both introvert &extrovert in different situation.
    In daily life I’m extrovert.confident all the time.
    Talkative some time little bit quiet when mod is off.
    People trust me I’m kind by heart and trustworthy,reliable and loyal
    Considerate by nature.

  • In every positiveness😁 I am.
    My all school teachers are very kind and loyal.

  • I’m not here to judge anyone as these words are not for you in reality but for the other person who would judge you on that basis which word suits you and giving or describing nature of human on basis of time spent with him/her .Time tells about the real reality that nothing is permanent , a person’s behavior is what time has thought him. Like Extroverted/ Introverted it totally depends on the company you are in .So as we see things really are not that much easy these are connected in a wonderful way isn’t it impossible to feel the other persons feelings. Keep your heart and thought clean . Keep your heart filled with kindness and remember duty is the death of love but sometimes love is the death of duty.

  • In everyday life, people around me said that i’m an extrovert. I thought not at all. Sometimes, more much time, i’m introverted, i enjoy on my own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people. They also said that i’m a harm person, a friendly and like to care about others. Moreover, it makes them comfort whenever they were beside me. For any reason, from my deepest heart, i afraid to hurt others, i know how they feel because i do so, so i have to be careful to treat others.

  • Hello everyone, I’m Pooja Purbey. I’m a type of girl who really likes to being Extroverted rather than just being introverted. I’m the type of girl who never strikes up conversation first. Firstly I try to observe people around me, so u can say in the beginning I’m very quiet person but once I strike up conversation and feel comfortable then after I’m very talkative by nature. With my family and friends and loved ones I’m very confident. but meeting with anyone first time makes me little shy. I always makes people warm and kind while meeting. I’m very altruist by nature so, I always like to being thoughtful, considerate and tactful while treating others feelings. But sometimes it is also true, if for any reason I’m angry that time I’m very tactless. As it is said ” HONESTLY IS THE BEST POLICY”, I think it is a best identity of any person. So, I always try to be trustworthy, reliable and loyal with everyone and
    And this is all about me.

    Thank you…

  • Well I falls in the category of introverted people and this is maybe because I’m too shy.
    Due to the above mentioned quality of mine people find me out reliable and loyal.

  • I think i am not introvert person, i spent time just in my home, at morning i go to school, i haven’t many friend. I am so quiet and cold, i can’t start conversation with other, and that is my reason to quiet. It’s doesn’t metter i don’t want to talk with other. But i can’t and i have to accept my live like that… Oh sorry i has been learning about english.

  • People in world judge as introverted person as loyal but I am not that type. I am always extroverted not means that I am tactless.coming to advice my friends give thoughtless advice but I am considerate person to them I accept it. I am confident to my family whereas I am quiet in fight. Dont be often warm to your sorroundings and unkind to society. make others feel you relaible In means of not being tacless😊😊👍

  • I am extroverted andi like to b extroverted .
    I am not a talkative one i would like to b quiet i speak rare and due to this some people compalain also . Tactfull i can not annoy anyone by my action or words . Friends and ralative suppose i am a trustworthy and i am thankfull to all of thoese who trust me blindly.

  • My crush told me that I was a thoughtful person. I myself think that I’m also trustworthy and reliable. If you tell me a secret, it will be forever a secret unless you tell somebody else about it.

  • I usually feel best to be an extrovert but sometimes i feel shy in gathering.

  • Hi guys .. So I just want to share my views on myself … Hmmmmm .. So I feels that I am nothing,.. Am useless . I can’t do anything … U know what I try my best to achieve my goal …. But all in vain .. I always tried my best to achieve my goal but actually again all in vain . And I don’t have any confidence … My stand competitor … And me on 2nd…I always sit quiet in thoughts and other people get that am sad 😔… But honestly I really don’t know what makes other people happy… Am also shying ….I always care about my siblings and parents and the one thing that is the reason I smiled oftently is that my parents love me and call me innocent
    😍😍.. But not my parents every one who saw me …. Their 1st reply is she’s so innocent and quiet .. And one more thing .. That my intention with other people is always fair .. And my Allah always supports me .. Alhamdulullah. . 😇😇

    • And one more thing that I have shared soooo much 😂, but u know that Ups and downs come with us in this world ..

      • And Thanku u dictionary for awakening myself that yes I can do something

  • I fell little beat shy when I meet strangers, but the other side I like to working with the team. Sometimes I being extroperted, it’s better to be an flexible man.
    By the way it’s really difficult to make narration in English😁😁

  • Well, being honest , i’m a kind of introverted person but confident too. But someimes i feel like i shouldn’t be an introverted because people around me assumes it to be annoyed 😅 but i’m considerate,kind and trustwothy for sure ❤

  • Well, being honest, i’m a kind of introverted person but confident too. But sometimes i feel like i shouldn’t be an introverted because people around me assumes it to be annoyed 😅 but i’m considerate,kind and trustworthy for sure

  • I m extroverted person , generally i love taliking with my friends and my cousins .i am thought ful always thinking about the poors and needy person i guess i always being tried to make myself kind

  • I’m neither extroverted or introverted but i think its both , i dont know yet, but i’m confident , i’m actually know what i supose to do and it has a goal to achive it, but i’m lonely person ,kept my things in my self

  • According to the explanation, i’m an introvert because i really enjoy spending time with myself. Sometimes i find it difficult to talk with other people especially to strangers. I think an introvert usually a shy person like me. Before say something to my friend, i always think before speak.

  • I am just kind of ambivert person ….I alter my personality based on the situations like when I know the people I feel comfortable and they are my friend i always loyal to them …

  • I am extroverted and i don’t like introvert people around me. I am also very talkative it gives me relief when I tell everything which goes on my mind as I am a talkative person, a quiet person annoyed me i feel boring talking them…..but it doesn’t mean I am very confident 😣 I am very shy 😰 …..no matter how I feel confident r shy but I make people feel warm 😍 and it is possible just bcz of my considerate behaviour people love to communicate who are not inconsiderate …they like thoughtful ,tactful reliable and loyal person ….in which they feel trustworthy……😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Well, as for as my personality is concerned. I am a extroverted man because I would love to enjoy my friends gatherings and also eager to know about what is going on in their lives. Secondly, when u talk about confidence and I am extremely confident when I have a knowledge about the topic that I am going to explain the audience. And I am much talkative with my friends who are close to me but little bit shy when I am interacting with new people or you say strangers. Thirdly, extremely warm and kind hearted with all the people either he/she is a friend of me or not. Specially always ready to help the people when they are in some trouble and call on me. I will considerate them and love to help them. Moreover, there is also some situations where I could not stop or resist myself I am completely “tactless” but in a normal situation I am extremely “tactful”. Furthermore, I am “thoughtful” person when people needs me like when they are in a trouble otherwise in a normal routine “thoughtless”. In addition to that, I think that is a huge problem or fault in me that I can trust on people within no time that means I am loyal to them without judging or finding any interest related me in them. At last, I am trustworthy man because I have special feelings for my family and friends.

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