[Fun Time] Are You Serious? The Shoes Made My Feet “Bleed”?


Last week, I bought a pair of shoes online…

I put them on happily, but after I took them off…

I was shocked…

Guess what happened?


??? What ??? Are my feet bleeding??


They dyed my feet red…


Actually, we usually buy something online that is totally different from what we expected. Many products are of poor quality.


??? Why I look different from the model? ?


That is what I expect to buy online.

But when I receive the express…


What is this??? Are you serious???

What products of low quality did you buy online?

Please share your comments with us.

Thank you~


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Seriously… they are mostly damn bad… i bought my eid suit… and the price was high as tge brands have… but its dupatta was of really poor quality

    • One day my father ordered a pair of blanket online it seemed to be very good, designer, easy to fold and keep and easy to wash but when we really received it hand in hand, we were shocked 😲. It was totally different from our expectations. For, how it seemed to be in the picture ,in reality, it didn’t held a single good quality to be appreciated. It was totally different and of poor qualities.

  • They dyed her feet . She washed & got rid of it but when I purchased new slippers to use at home/in house they bleeched skin of my feet & it became white .

  • Once I brought hot slimming suit and its very expensivei wear it once and then it tear into pieces just after one use then I called and then they said they have finished all the items and now they can’t exchange it whereas it has 1 year warinty

  • My father bought a michrophone from online it was just s trap it did not work even a single time
    We buy on awok.com

    • My father even brought iPhone and it’s just in our cupboard still without working.

  • ” the best experience ” I bought my handphone in a online shop and i am curious because the price is very very cheap. When the package come, i am just being mad and furious cause inside the package it wasn’t handphone but the Box of the handphone that i want….. BRUHHHHH

  • Yeah! Literally it happens most of the times…it’s nt just the wearing stuff bt electronic stuff and other things u purchase online which looks attractive in one place bt the really thing is even worser….haha…bought a smartphone bt it wasn’t that good as i expected…it was nt packed in its original box and without charger headphone….and it ws unreturnable….many of the builtin apps were nt working….my trust from buying online ws broken afterwards….

  • 3 month ago i bought a pair of running shoes via online. Ok, from what i saw in the picture that was totally great and have a bright yellow color. After i paid it, about 2 weeks later that shoes finally in my hand. But i must face the reality that the color of that shoes just not the same as i saw before. Why the color changes to dark orange?
    I’m little bit disapointed, but its ok. I still can wearing that shoes #lol

  • Three days ago my mom buy kitchen set online it looks pretty and big it was 43 pice in only 2000 then mom think I bought this and when I received this parcel and saw i shocked because it is too small it is totally different just we think.

  • Once I bought a pair of shoes online, they are having a clearance sale back then so it is a buy one get one products. It was the price of original shoes, so I thought it won’t be dissapointed, and when it came, its not even the same with the picture, I felt like I bought a total different things.

  • I bought a pair of shoes online in tokopedia. I guess Product made from china . But after I recieve .Product made from vietnam. I am shock

  • This thing is happened with me. Before three months I purchased a three set polo shirts on a online platform. But when it’s came into my home I was shocked because it’s had poor quality and its size was correct . After this parcel I was disappointed from online shoping site’s.

  • Before confirming the process of purchasing,why don’t you give the product just a look😉?!!!

  • Yeah, really….
    I bought a t-shirt👕 .
    When its came, i was not expected that.because it was so cheap and its size was also different.

  • Thank you for your kind information about online shopping,it is very useful to publishers thanking you sir.

  • I have never bought yet anything on online because which appears on screen actually it doesn’t look after buying. I learned many experiences from my Friends whenever they bought from online such as shoes t shirt mobile cover that little bit different quality than online shopping screen.this is why I try to more often to direct shop.it is very good for me
    To my knowledge so far no one say the online shopping is good because they provide you only your stuff at door while they should give us good stuff

  • One thing ,only few online shoppings are giving the bad quality products , but not all ….

  • Oh!! Is too bad… But I purchase some products online, these are really good…. You can return the product….

  • One day I was checking online some swaeters, I love them, and I found the perfect swaeters to me, it was son awesome and I had to buy it, on internet was perfect but at my house it was totally different, I had to return it. I’ve never bought clothes online.

  • Once i ordered a rechargeable fan from karachi by daraz but when i recieved , its rechargeable system was damaged and now i am using it as ordinary fan .

  • Yeah me too,when I am order in tokopedia shop the clothes is soo prety Iam so happy but when I receive so damn its so bad and dont look pretty

  • Some people want to buy things online..but they won’t understand onething that they just see picture and later they ll decided to go for that..so what are the things we see in pictures are may not be good all times…
    I suggest people to go for shopping and try things until u feel comfortable with what you want to buy..

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