[Mini Blog] Should The Finale Of Game Of Thrones Be Remade?

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Last week, we discuss a topic about:

Should we have blind dates arranged by parents?


Surprisingly, the overwhelming group of people said yes. I had a wrong guess that young people advocate free love.



Only a few readers left their disagreement.


Whatever, everyone has different opinions and I hope you can find your perfect Mr./Mrs Right soon.

Let’s move on to the next topic.


Have you guys all watched the finale of Game Of Thrones? I’m sure that many of you are not so satisfied with the ending of the last episode.

On Twitter, fans have been divided by the Game Of Thrones final series, with many criticizing it for being rushed and more than 1.3 million people signing the petition set up to demand HBO remakes it.

However, Sophie, who plays the role of Sansa Stark says it’s disrespectful for fans to think the series is rubbish just because the ending is not what they want to see.

So do you think the finale of Game Of Thrones should be remade?


Please leave your comments and share with us!

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  • I never saw game of thrones, but I had seen in the newses that the final was not nice.

    • Yeah you right the final series of game of throne is not good. I didn’t seem but one of my friends told me that this she is not satisfied with last series of that season.

  • Not at all, it’s the choice of directors and productors to end this way and we should only be grateful for what they gave us during these last years. If you folks are not happy remember that GOT is not a success thanks to your skills

    • It is easy to say GOT is not success in our skill but each and every series of video which dependent on the dramatic story, action, science friction.Much part of series is good and ending is not better then as privious aspects then it’s totally failure of the ideas of directors and producers for his creation of GOT.

  • I have heard about this bt never saw the game of thrones…bt still i’m going to share my opinion on this that if the ending was not according to what the viewers wanted to see, my preception is that you’re making the series for the viewers to watch so if they aren’t happy than you’re definitely flop.

    No one would be interested to watch the finale again i guess…..so its gonna be all in vain if they remake the finale i guess….
    Anyways thanks alot for this blog…

  • i just finished watching game of thrones until 5 season, but if i seeing the finale, and its not like what i want and not good, im sure i will dissapointed, but i still respect with the characters and the story

  • Yes, it’s look like after a long journey facing many problems danny and john’s story end with a knife… HBO please remake something big

  • The series which you are making is just for viewers, right? and we have been supporting this series since from starting, by our appreciation, now it is your responsibility,that to satisfy us, by satisfied ending.

  • Yes..i think finale need to be remade ..because ..yesterday i heard about this news….that peoples are not satisfied with the end of thrones…..Producers and directors need to made the scenes according to the audians…what they want…or in which scene they most enjoy …..so i think……and sir i want that u will tell that…..what we written is crrct ….is there any grammatical mistake….then we should try to overcome from it….thank you

  • Yes, I was not that satisfied with the final episode. There was no something special in the end. But They did a great job in the third episode, so it wasn’t that disappointing. But still I was hoping it could be lots of surprises in the last episode.

  • No, thank you
    Fanfiction exist for this very reasons 😚 For fans to make their own ending, to twist and rebuild the story based on their imagination.
    Yes, it’s kind of a little bit rush for them to end it like that, but it’s not their obligation to serve everything that fans believe its their ‘right’ to choose. That is the definition of expectation of fans, but the excecution is in the hand of the writers’ script.
    So, I will let it be. And thanks for everyone to make this series and give it a breath in this world.

  • I have watched all the episodes except the finale I couldn’t watch it after I heard that it was so ridiculous!

  • No…but i might also stand in the line who are disappointed by watching it. But the thing is many of us are not disappointed because of the way these characters ended, it is disappointing the path they chose to end….i mean to say it lacks steady and series of events taking place and they are rushed to finale. But remake is not an option for producers.

  • Yes, it’s look like after a long journey of facing lot’s of problems Danny’s story end like her father story and john’s story end where it’s start.
    HBO please remake GOT.

  • The season finale really disappointed me. D&D only focuses to wind down the show, they never thought about their viewers. I hope that they should have ended it with 3rd episode just by allowing the Knights King to rule the 7 kingdoms instead of destroying the character arc’s one by one. Their are many alternate endings people are sharing on the internet which are much batter then original ending.

  • I think Danny don’t deserve to be dead.she did lots of struggle for the iron throne n at the end she get nothing rather beterayin her…

  • I have never watched any episode of GOT but now after having so much hearing about it I got interested and will soon watch it.

  • I have seen this game of thrones daily.he is fabulous this.

  • Everybody can die in game of thrones. I’m okay with the ending

  • I don’t know because i’ve never seen game of thrones before

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