[Phrases] How To Express “I’m Busy”?

Hey guys! Let’s check the answers to the last episode at first :

After keeping someone waiting for you, you’d better apologize and thank for their time, for example:

Thank you so much for waiting. / I apologize for the delay.



design-desk-eyewear-313690We have learned how to ask someone to wait when we are busy, but how to express “we are busy”? Let’s start to learn!

1. Being busy in the past

I was busy doing something.


– Hey, I didn’t see you last night. What were you doing?

I was busy doing homework.


2. Being busy at present

I am busy doing something.


3. Busy as a bee.


4. A lot on one’s plate.

Sure it’s not about food on the plate, it means that you have too much work to do.


– Could you help me please?

– Oh sorry, I have a lot on my plate. I would be unable to help you.


5.Be slammed with work.

“Slam” means “to strike or beat hard”. This is a slang term with a little bit complaining. It is like “I’m tired of doing so much work!” So please don’t say it to your boss or your clients.


– Let’s go hiking this weekend!

-There is no weekend for me. I am slammed with work!

No practice today!

Hope that you could take a good rest!

See you!

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