[Grammar] How To Talk About Quantities?

Hey guys! Let’s Check the answers to the last episode :

1. We would be able to work together if you wanted.

2. I wasn’t do it last week because I was badly ill.


Have you ever heard someone say “many work”, “many water” or “much apples”?

“Many” or “much”? “A little” or “a few”? “Some” or “any”?…

It all depends on the types of nouns. Let’s find out!

1. Countable nouns

→ Nouns that can be counted.

1 book, 2 books, 3 books…


①. They have singular and plural forms.

a cup/ cups                 an apple/ apples

②. We use “a” in front of a singular noun that starts with a consonant sound.

a banana, a cup, a pen, a university /juːnɪ’vɜːsɪtɪ/…

“University” starts with a vowel letter(u), but the first sound is a consonant sound.

③. We use “an” in front of a singular noun that starts with a vowel sound (a e i o u).

an apple, an orange, an hour /’ə/…

“Hour” starts with a consonant letter(u), but the first sound is a vowel sound.

2. Uncountable nouns

→ Nouns that can’t be counted.


①. No plural forms.

moneys, rices, waters

②. No “a/an”.

a moneya rice, a water

③. We use a singular verb with uncountable nouns

Your money is on the table.

This rice tastes good.

3. How to know if a noun is countable or uncountable?

Look it up in a dictionary.


[U] → uncountable


[C] → countable

4. How to make uncountable nouns countable?

Use a noun + of.

a grain of rice, two bottles of water, three pieces of cake…

5. Words to talk about quantities

①. Countable nouns

Large quantities → many, a number of, quantities of…

Small quantities → a few/few

There are many potatoes left.

There is much rice left.

②. Uncountable nouns

Large quantities → much, amount of, a quantity of…

Small quantities → a little/little

There is a little money in my pocket.

There are a few coins in my pocket.

6. Other useful words to talk about quantities

①. Large quantities:

Substantial, considerable, extensive, enormous, huge…

②. Small quantities:

Slight, scant, mere, sparse, limited…

You want to know in what situations these words should be used?

Look them up in a dictionary!

Have a good day!



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