[Guess!] Australia Is Trying To Kill 2 Million Cats?

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Australia plans to kill 2 million feral cats by 2020. It has provoked an international outcry of cat lovers on social media.

Why Australia Wants To Kill Millions Of Feral Cats?

Feral cats were introduced in Australia in the 17th century via boats from England. Although feral cats are under the same species of domestic cats, they live in the wild where they hunt their food. The population for these animals has since ballooned. They are a key threat to 123 of Australia’s threatened species.

Despite the outcry, many of Australian view the cull as a positive move for conservation of native Australian species, including many birds and small mammals threatened with extinction. It’s estimated that feral cats kill 377 million birds and 649 million reptiles every single year.


How Feral Cats Will Be Killed?

In addition to government officials shooting cats, the government will be airdropping 50 poisonous sausages every kilometer in areas where the cats roam free. The poisoned sausages are made up of kangaroo meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices, and a poison called 1080. Feral cats that eat them will be poisoned and die.one-tool-being-used-to-eradicate-feral-cats-in-australia-are-poison-sausages-like-these-ones-being

Guess! If native animals ate the sausages, would they be poisoned and die? Why?

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  • Cat is like people .. they have a specify character .. some like to be a good cat .. some like to steal .. also like dogs and others pets behaviour .. therefor needed to be trained .. and be a good pets

    • For the cat lovers don’t agree, cats is like human too. They also search a food because they’re hungry, because they’re life too.

  • I want to say that if they throw these poisonous sausages in those areas.Would’nt the other animals will die from eating those sausages.I think that more animals will be harmed in this plan,so you should think of another plan to kill those cats.

  • Please I wish nothing happen like that cats also like us and it’s cute . Cats are going part of our life like our family .we are never live without cats .so please I request don’t do that

  • I think it’s the stupidiest act one could have ever done and that’s because they are killing more animals with the poisoness sausages. The cats will nt only be the victum but other animals as well…i strongly condemn such kind of act….

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