[Buzzword] Learning English Needs A Hard-nosed Attitude!

Aloha! What does “hard-nosed” mean? Does that mean someone has a nose like this?


Or this?

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“Hard-nosed” is a adjective describing someone who is realistic, practical, determined to succeed and tough-minded.

For example, Captain America is a hard-nosed leader. He is very clear on what is right and what he needs to do and accomplish. He always focus on things that will make a big difference. He is unstoppable and not influenced by emotions.


“Hard-nosed” also describes someone who is stubborn, unforgiving and insensitive.

For example, he is said to be hard-nosed. He will not change his opinions or positions on anything.

What’s the origin of “hard-nosed”?

This word comes from hard-tipped bullets which are much more penetrating than soft ones.

Despite the pejorative meaning, it is still advisable to adopt a hard-nosed attitude toward learning.

Are you a hard-nosed English learner?


Look forward to your reply!

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