[Mini Blog] Should We Have Blind Dates Arranged By Parents?


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Last week, we discuss a topic about:


Many readers shared their comments with us, and here are some insightful comments.



Bell and Hemlata thought they should give a chance to him if he is willing to apologize, or if they have children. Truly, children would be the most important reason for not getting divorced, simply because both father and mother have the responsibility to give their kids a complete family.

The comments below left a deep impression on me.


Undoubtedly, this is how most people in society deal with extra-marital affairs. A majority of men would never forgive their wives who betrayed them, while a group of women would forgive their husbands because they rely on husbands. Thus it can be seen that women should be financially independent can they make their own decision when they face something unfair. 

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Today, many young people who really want to get married are single, and they complain it is hard to date with someone. So in the meanwhile, blind dates arranged by parents are advocated, simply because parents know their kids a lot and those who they appreciate must be made for their kids. But, others hold an opposite attitude towards it. Blind dates feel like finding someone to marry, not finding someone who they deeply love.

So what ‘s your opinion?

Should we have blind dates arranged by parents?

Look forward to having your comments!

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Look forward to your reply!

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  • My point of view about that it depends on circumstances. If she is beautiful and suits with my girl’s criteria. Why not to know more about her. She could be my love and we can tie the not soon. Just try that possibility and to respect your parents’s effort as well

  • It’s better if a man is single to have blind dates arranged by our parents. Don’t wash off his parent’s efforts. Marry and have a great life with his new partner.

  • If a man is not able to find out his or her life-partner then I think blind dates are not bad. Because when a person is able to find out his or her love then they must marry him or her as then they have the ability to find out there love But in case of those who don’t have the ability to find out their partner they can rely upon blind dates arranged by their parents as at that time even if that person don’t have the ability to find out his partner but his or her parents certainly possess that ability. So they should rely upon them.

  • no…i think parents should need to discuss with their children and what is better for their future…and which person…parents do not ..take all decision without the permisson of chid..if is the matter of chid future

  • The main drawback of love marriage is that if your live partner does not fullfill your requirements than your parrents will not help in this aspect because the always thought that the one who does not obey you is chosen by ones himselfl not them.

  • Yes it is good to keep best relationship.

    That no any disturbance became after married that accept parants decision.

  • In many civilizations acroos the planet blind dates have been fascinating, I personally spoke to people who are married to those met on their blind date. They says, making a reasonable love is something worthwhile than intimacy. You have alot of reasons to accept each other, it’s about making multi-purpose plans and setting dimensions for life which are adjustible and valuable.

  • Yes definitely
    But the final decision of the relationship must be taken by the children not by parents.

  • Yes because our parents have full rights that they can tell us whether who will be a good choice for us. They know us very well, but on date we should try to know every aspects of the girl or boy. But but, were shouldn’t anticipate that it will be worst because it is chosen by our parents.

  • My opinion about blind dates arranged by the parents is I’m pretty sure that parents always want the best things for their children regarding the love or someone who would marry them, as long as they don’t force them and interfer the decision. If they suit to each other then it will be great and everyone will be happy, but if it’s not then go find another one. It’s simply because we want our marriage long lasting and once in a lifetime, don’t we!

  • Looking or waiting for a blind date by a parent or anyone else for me, is totally prohibited bcz,no real love and where there is no real love u can’t make up a good family.

  • I m not saying that I am agree with blind date and I m not against to blind date arangeda by parents .
    Every man and woman have there personal expectations for there life partner
    Every man and woman wants someone , who will care and love him/her.
    But there are many people who are facing problem of alination for them blind date is good
    But In several cases youngester facing problem in there relationship from there parents like inter caste relationship and other family background problems .for them blind date is useless because what they want they don’t get and even if they get another life partner, they will don’t happy with there relationship and result will be divorce .
    So situation tells blind date arranged by parents is good or not .

  • My point of view about blind date arranged by our parents can be reason of successful life. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t select partner ourselves. But i think our selection and permitted by our parents relationship is the best way to make a happiest relationship ever

    • Not iam no agree with u most of marriege arranged by poarents looking not successful. Mostly

  • My point of view parients should get free thiet children for marriege.b/c his son or daughter pass their live so prefer their wish..

  • In my perception blind dates arranged by parents is not working out bcoz if we are not know our partner from before how we know what the taste he/she have, after marriage they’re facing many problems because of lack of understanding between them.
    Arrange marriages are good in their own aspect, it provides security to the relationship of couples.

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