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Last week, we discuss a topic about:


Many readers shared their comments with us, and here are some insightful comments.



Bell and Hemlata thought they should give a chance to him if he is willing to apologize, or if they have children. Truly, children would be the most important reason for not getting divorced, simply because both father and mother have the responsibility to give their kids a complete family.

The comments below left a deep impression on me.


Undoubtedly, this is how most people in society deal with extra-marital affairs. A majority of men would never forgive their wives who betrayed them, while a group of women would forgive their husbands because they rely on husbands. Thus it can be seen that women should be financially independent can they make their own decision when they face something unfair. 

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Today, many young people who really want to get married are single, and they complain it is hard to date with someone. So in the meanwhile, blind dates arranged by parents are advocated, simply because parents know their kids a lot and those who they appreciate must be made for their kids. But, others hold an opposite attitude towards it. Blind dates feel like finding someone to marry, not finding someone who they deeply love.

So what ‘s your opinion?

Should we have blind dates arranged by parents?

Look forward to having your comments!

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