[Buzzword] Oh! I Can’t Live With So Much Money!

Hey guys! You know what? It really bothers me that I can always remember all the new words!

Alright hold on! Don’t hurry to criticize me! I was just giving you an example of humblebrag. And the title is an example as well!

Humblebrag is a compound of the words humble and brag

to let people know about something you are very proud of in a way that makes it appear as if you are complaining or embarrassed.

It’s credited to Harris Wittels, a writer and producer for the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation, who created the Twitter account @Humblebrag in 2010.

After noticing a trend of social-media users posting modest or self-deprecating posts that actually just bragged about something or complained about something desirable, Wittels created @Humblebrag to aggregate examples.

Check out these humblebrags:josh-sigurdson-humblebrag



Jack Ma said his biggest mistake was Alibaba which made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. “I have no interest in money,” he added…


Reserchers in Harvard and University of North Carolina have found that if you humblebrag, people like you less. They say you better off just bragging because humblebragging makes you look less sincere.

So what do you think about humblebrag?

Do you know other examples?

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  • “Humblebrag” is really a very interesting word. I like it most. I have seen many people humblebragging and I use to say them ‘don’t be so silly, I know you are criticizing me so don’t be so proud I can understand everything’. So to express his feelings I had to use a long sentence but from now on it is going to be very easy for me. Now I can say ‘stop humblebragging’. One word but a lot of expressions So thanks a lot for let me know this new word

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