[Phrases] How To Ask Someone To Wait?

Hey guys! Is there any moment that you don’t know how to politely ask someone to wait? Don’t worry, you will find out today! Let’s check the answers to the last episode at first :

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adult-blur-business-2222383When we are busy with something and we are unable to attend someone at that moment, we may ask he/she to wait. But how could we ask that politely? Let’s start to learn!

1. Someone calls you and you’re busy

Hang on a moment. / Hold on. (If you are able to get back in a short period)


– Hello, Could I speak to Tony?

Hang on a moment.

2. You are into a customer service. You want your customer to wait but you will be able to attend him/her in few minutes

I’ll be right with you.


You’re doing your work and your customer wants to meet you, you could say: “I’ll be right with you.”

3. When you are really busy and you need to take a little longer time to get back

Bear with me.


Please bear with me while I explain what happened.

4. When someone asks you a question and you need sometime to think(within couple of seconds)

Let me see…


– Could you please give me some advice?

Let me see…(Then tell him your advice.)

5. When you want enough time to finish your work or something:

All in good time.


– When are you gonna finish your project?

All in good time.


We have learned how to ask someone to wait, but what if the person is done with waiting?

What would you say after keeping someone waiting for you?

Write it down below!

See you next time!

Look forward to your reply!

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