[Guess!] Does Anybody Hate Dogs?

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Allergies are a number of conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typically harmless substances in the environment. But some people may pretend to be allergic to something only because they hate it.


Phoebe is found out that she has her friend’s dog in her room. Then all her friends agree that the dog can stay except Chandler. 


Chandler announces that he is extremely allergic to dogs. He says that he will be unable to breathe if he stays with dogs. But it is quite obvious that he is lying, because the dog has been living in their house for three days. Then Chandler has to tell the truth.8

He hates dogs! He thinks that dogs are needy, jumpy, and it’s impossible to know what they are thinking. Then everyone is astonished that Chandler hates all dogs even puppies. But there’s no way to persuade Chandler, so they send the dog to Ross’ house.11

However, Phoebe suggests that they can bring the dog back without telling Chandler. And Monica, the owner of the house, likes the dog so much that she agrees.


The other day, Chandler comes back from outside and hears something weird in Phoebe’s room. We know it must be the barking of Klunker(the dog’s name), but Ross tells him that it is Monica crying, because she is upset about Klunker. And that makes Chandler feel sorry.


Guess! What will Chandler do?

Tips: Chandler is Monica’s husband and he loves Monica so much!

By the way, do you like dogs? If so, is there any lovely stories? If not, why?

Share your answers and stories with us!

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  • I don’t hate dog but i’m scared at dog. When I was young, I’ve ever been chased by the dog. She almost bit me but unfortunately, the owner called the dog after hearing I shouted out loud.

    • I got bitten by stray dongs 4 times 😣😣😣during my childhood although I don’t hate dogs.However, little bit I am afraid of dogs😃

  • we have a dog we called him Tomy. Tomy is living with us from one year. From puppy age his is very naughty. He always want play with him. He is very friendly nature.

  • Yeah, I’m too thinking that 🐕 are not good for our health cause they are bectirious..and Chandler is absolutely correct cause we have many of injury can happen by dogs they should not take any dog

  • In fact I’m also don’t like dogs because I thank it’s very unclean and it has a dangerous bacteria in its tongue, that helps to spread many disease.

    Chandler will try to break his hate and attempt to build a good relation with it

  • May be he will guess it’s a dog barking and as he loves his wife he may allow to keep kandler.

  • Dog is honest with his master .He never hurts anybody.He always guard our house from strangers and theif

  • Dogs are genuine and very loyal creature in the world. It will play you like a child and goad the house as security. I always wanted to raise a dog but my family won’t allow it. Even i sometimes thought to raise a dog someday. But I don’t know whether is it going to come true in the near future or not.

    Dogs will know your smell very well and who are all related to the family. Somebody told me once that dogs are well smell the people’s character like a good or bad. It will bark the people who are all unknown to them.

    Sometimes people will scold others as dog if they are angry with them. But I am totally disagree with them. Because dogs are very loyal animals and kind heart creature to those are showing apection. So we have to honor them rather insulting their nature of character. Like we call people as Lion because they are strong. But lion is killing creature in the food hierarchy chain. I was thinking sometimes who intended to use dog as scolding or insulting creature. I hate that man or woman. So I love dogs 🐶🐩 loyal animals

  • So in that case as Chandler does not like dogs at all but he loves his wife intensely, he can agree with his wife to have the dog. But he will build a dog house for that dog outside the house so that the dog can stay away from him as well as his wife can never be disappointed. As the dog is staying there so his wife is happy and as it is not staying in there house so Chandler is happy also.

  • Before my bad experience,i somehow love dogs but after a dog bites me, I hate them all. There are many dogs of people’s around me. Whenever,i go out they shout at me and their owner don’t shoot at them.I just hate them.

  • Actually i dont hate dogs but they do hate me. Although i hv never done anything wrong with them. whenever they saw me they start chasing me.

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