[Fun Time] When The Weather Is Too Hot…

 At 9 am


At 10 am


At 11 am



At 12 am


At 1 pm


At 2 pm


Hey! Guys! Today is really hot, right?

I feel like I am melting!!!!!

giphy (6).gif

Summer is coming!

What do you usually do in the hot summer?

giphy (7) Just stay at home to prevent sunstroke?

giphy (5).gif

giphy (8)

Or go swimming to lower the surface temperature of your skin?

Some people may prefer to eat ice cream~

giphy (9)

What about you?

Please share your comments down below. 

Have a nice day!




Look forward to your reply!

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  • Usually in summer season, i prefer staying at home in daytime when the sun is at its peak as to prevent sunstroke….but unfortunately i have to go to university 9 till 2 n its a long distance from my home..but after coming home i enjoy having a cool bath and lemonade to freshen up and charge myself for other tasks..
    The post was hilarious and your contents are amazing everytime….best platform to improve written english i must say….

    • Hy aimy
      I just wanted to say uh just don’t take high amount cool itesm it may cause you dehydration so just maintain a normal temperature in your bidb

    • In Summer I try to avoid go outside from home and drinks sufficient water. After duty hour I preferred to stay in AC room. Thak you..

  • I loved to stay at home during summer but unfortunately I have to go to school coaching etc to study

    • students have summer vacation in the summer in India. I prefer to stay in my home and enjoy my ice cream with my favourite TV season games of thrones. sometime I like to swim and enjoying my holidays.

  • I usually prefer to stay at home and switch on A.C during hot days but i m alo going to classes from 9 to 4 which is far away from my home and that distance is basically covered by driving bike…so you can understand my situation…

  • In this hot summer i drink more water usually i drink in other seasons this is help me to cool the body whole day..we need not to drink any other beverages to prevet thirstyness …only water can help us to prevent sunstroke including some sun related issuses..

  • In summary I opt following habits
    Avoid going out from 12 to 3pm
    Be dehydrated all time
    Wakeup early in the morning and study
    Bathing twice a day
    Enjoy lassi or curd items
    Wear light and full sleeve clothes to avoid UV rays to harm my skins
    Have light food in noon
    Avoid applying chemically filled abstracts on face use medical sunscreen

  • I just keep myself under fan. Can’t do any work,just feel lazy.

  • Take bath, wear thin and light cloths and full time lying in front of splite

  • I usually prefer stay at home. and avoid to going out.

  • Usually in the month of may in the karachi the temperature goes to its peak level but in the current year its not that much but still there is cases of heat stroke. I have to go university so I carry a water bottle along with me. When I come back home I usually go for bathing.

  • My best friend in summer time is cold drinks
    Really today weather is too hot… 😨😨😨😨☀️☀️☀️🍸

  • I prefer to at home at afternoons and prefer to take liquid food more as diet.also it is better to plant trees around us.they will help in maintaining temperature.

  • I go for clases and after uni i prefer sleep by turning on fan. And i study in night time during summer because day time it’s too hot weather and it’s difficult for me to study during day time in summer so i study whole night till morning n home..

  • I usually prefer in summers prevent my skin from harmful uv rays and eat chocolate ice cream as well as I will recommend all to drink lots of water which keeps hydrate our body and skin

  • I prefer to drink lots of water Which keeps hydrate our body and skin

  • I put some drops of in my towel and cover my body with wet towel beneath the fan

  • i dont like summer…i usally prefer to stay at home,, but due to my daily routine i hv to go office this is big problem..i am fed of this summers

  • I do usually a very hard work ..becos after doing it my body release a lot of sweat then I feel too much cool and chill ..

  • Mostly i prefer stay at home in hard sunny afternoon .but ,if i have any work i cover my body with cotton scruff .Secendy swiming is Good and relexing way in hot day.And here acc to me lot off icecream is not good for heath is take bad effect on your teeth nd stomach.

  • I love to make a lemonade or a cool refreshing drink or smootie or eat icecream in an air conditioned room…….

  • I love to swim and eat ice cream but I usually sits in home

  • When I feel like hot I have to go for a trees down. Because that natural air is make cooling on my body.

  • I usually take an ice bath in summer.it seems ecstatic.

  • “I have a one think in summer don’t go to out side enjoy at home that’s good thank you.

  • Laying in my room in from of the fan or I open the refrigrator and standing in front of it

  • I prefer to take lots of water and juices for avoiding sunstroke

  • I believe in that when you be appreciated to anyone you have to pay sure if that my life.
    I am really with you completely as you want.

  • I am confused but I am satisfied enough to do anything for you.

  • usually in the summer time, i’m prefer staying in home and then enjoy the movie while eat snacks

  • I take shower or wear soft stuff clothes, moreover, avoid to go outside even far away from ceiling fan 😂

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