[Fun Time] Hairdressers Never Listen…

Hello! Everyone!

When we mention hairdressers, what may come into your mind first?


Skillful? Handsome? Best haircut in the world?

But actually, hairdressers always annoy you so much because they never satisfy you.


They usually ask for your opinion at first and promise you the best haircut.

However, they never listen and follow…

04.3 (1)


Sometimes they even persuade you to let them design your hairstyle.


?????  What??

They even burn your hair…

giphy (2)

And the result is …


giphy (4)

So it is necessary to have a barber who listens to your idea!

Do you have a similar experience?

Please share your comments down below. 

See you…

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Hahaha! That was fun to read. Yeahh! I have gone through such kinda situation when i got a haircut for the eid session and i was terribly upset after looking at my ugly hair style….they persuade you to have the haircut that you didn’t even think of..they never listen to you….haha my worst haircut experience everr..n thank you for this post….it made me laugh

  • Two weeks ago, I spent my holiday in Malaysia and I was ready to go back home , so I decided to get a nice haircut before meeting my family.
    But when I finished and looked at myself in the mirror… I couldn’t recognize my face , It was a terrible haircut !!

  • I noticed that the more expensive shops tend to give worse hair cut compared to the less expensive ones. Once I went to an expensive shop and found myself paying a massive amount and he did not cut my hairs at all. Just combed and did a bit of process.

  • I get my mom to cut my hair from the back of my head while i myself cut my hair from the sides and the front. I have lost all faith in hairdressers after having numerous bad experiences with them. In fact, this post reminded me of them and made me angry.

  • When i was about 15 years old i had my haircut. And the hairdresser cut them so short that i cried for hours.

  • It was my mom who gave me a terrible haircut.from then I promised my myself to never let her cut my hair

  • hahaha,,, that’s true…. i was be the exexperience object for my older sister when she wanto to try to dressing my hair like the trend at the time.

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