[Song] OneRepublic – Start Again

Hello guys! How are you? First of all, the answers to the last episode are:

1. streaming down
2. ignite
3. up above


In this episode, I select OneRepublic’s Start Again for you guys! The song is a single from the season two soundtrack of TV series 13 Reasons Why. 



Can’t I just turn back the clock?
Forgive my ??? (1 word missing)
I just wanna roll my sleeves up
And start again
I know that I messed it up
Time and time again
I just wanna roll my sleeves up
And start again
I was switchin’ up the ??? (1 word missing)
Steppin’ out the frame I’m in
I was pulling on the reins
Sick of all the same happenin’
I swear I was looking for disaster
Mixed with a bottle of gin
And just because I come home after
Doesn’t mean you’ll take me in
You see my world is ??? (1 word missing) like there’s nothing to know
You see my world is feeling like it just might explode
And yes I know it’s hard to take it backwards from my mind
I need to get a ride, need to see some light come in
Enjoy the MV:

Obviously, we can feel the regret between lines.

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