[Phrases] Do You Have A Heart Of Gold?

Hiya! In this episode, we are going to learn some interesting English phrases with ‘GOLD’ which are both used in our daily English conversation and writing. Before we start, let’s look over the last episode. Check the answers:

1. a rule of thumb
2. crosses her fingers
3. put my finger on
4. has his finger on the pulse
5. give somebody the finger

Let’s move on to today’s topic — phrases with “gold”!

1. Gold digger
=an attractive woman who uses her looks to get money from rich men

I don’t have contact with her because she is a gold digger .


2. Go for (the) gold
=to pursue or attempt to achieve the very
best possible outcome or reward from
some activity, task, or endeavor.

 You have to go for the gold in every
aspectof your business if you want to be

3. As good as gold

The child was as good as gold.

4. A heart of gold
=to be very sincere, generous, and kind

They are all good boys with hearts of gold. They would never steal.


5. all that glitters is not gold
=someone or something may not be as good or as valuable as they first appear

All that glitters today is definitely not gold, so don’t jump to any conclusions.

Fill in the blanks with the phrases above

1. The children in her room are ____.
2. It’ll be your time to shine, so ____.

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See you in the next episode!


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