[Buzzword] Are You Tired Of Being Given The Runaround?

Aloha! It is “buzzword” time! And we will never give you the runaround! Someone may ask, “Runaround? What is that?”

Like this?


Of course not! If we separate “run” and “around”, “Run around” means “to be very busy doing a lot of different things”.

I’m exhausted – I’ve been running around all morning.

But the phrase “give someone the runaround” means “to deliberately behave in an unhelpful way, refuse to help someone, sending them to someone or somewhere else to get help”. runaround.png

I went to the hospital to get the results of my test, but they kept giving me the runaround.

Or we can also say:

I went to the hospital to get the results of my test, but I just got the runaround.


Have you ever been given the runaround? And how did you deal with it?

Share your story with us!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Yes while waiting for answer sheets of exams but that only when I know I will score good marks😉

  • One day when I was coming back from my drawing class I saw a old person was moving around helplessly. It was a scorching summer day but he didn’t have any umbrella. He seemed to be very exhausted. And after a moment he fall down on the earth. I went there to help him but it was impossible for me alone to do this. I asked for help from others but I only got helparound. But I didn’t give up. And somehow I managed to help him. Then when he felt better, he showered belssings on me. That helparound was a bitter experience for me but when I saw the face of joy of that old person my all bitterness went away.

  • Yes, I have been getting runarounds as I want a part time job & I m in 12th standard but it’s really tough to get a part Time job in India

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