[Guess!] The Best Wingman Ever!

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Let’s have fun in the [Guess!] column. First of all, the answer to the last episode is:

Joey just sits down, taking his fork out of his breast pocket, and says: “All right, what are we having?”


Here are some interesting comments:


Playing the part of a good wingman is never easy. It’s all about the art of subtly directing all the attention to a friend, while you still make a great impression. Do you know how to be a good wingman?

Wingman here means “a friend who supports you, especially a man who supports another man when trying to meet or talk to possible partners” (From Cambridge Dictionary)

One night, Ted met Robin for the first time and thought she must be “the one”. He already pictured his marriage with her when he didn’t know her name!


When Ted’s friend Barney encouraged him to go say “hi”. He hesitated and said he needed a plan.


When he described his plan, Robin came to order her drink. Instead of letting Ted finish his plan, Barney, who is a huge womanizer, did one thing to help Ted say “hi”.

Guess! What did Barney say to Robin and help Ted know Robin?


Tips: Barney always says things directly

When we meet a special girl/boy, we tend to be less confident. However, if we can have a friend like Barney as our wingman, things will become much easier. πŸ™‚

If you were Barney, how could you help Ted to say “hi”? Write down your answer below!

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Look forward to your reply!

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  • I’m come just now so next time we talk everyting about English Language so I request him to help me for speaking English.

  • Barney might tell Robin that he had lost his phone so if she kindly give a missed call to his phone number then it would be very helpful and he might get his phone back. Thus when Robin gave a missed call to his phone he got her number.

  • I dont understand nothing, because the English is more difficult than other langues

  • Hi I am Barney,he’s my friend Ted,,, he wants to say u something

  • Hey come on man,go and tell her “hello!beautiful lady.you look so gorgeous”. Because girls love to be complimented.it’s in your hand to mar or make your day.go ma boy you can do it.

    • I think barney should say to that girl that ” can I buy u a drink 🍻girl

      • Ted could say that “can I buy u a drink 🍻 beautiful lady as I found u more interesting than other girls partying here. .

  • Barney said to Robin ,”Have we met Ted” and leave them both to talk

  • If I am a wingman I said impress her with first sight using all romantic instruments like blue shirt,highly recommend perfume then say ,hhhh hi you are looking gorgeous…

  • Hey robin…Thats my handsome friend Ted and he wants to buy some drinks for you..

  • Barney will say..
    Hey ..do you know Ted ?
    Robin will say No.. and then Ted will say.. Hi I am Ted..

  • I can’t speaking english πŸ˜₯ help me please πŸ™

  • If I was Burney..I would say that you should tell her about your feelings otherwise she will go with another one..😁😁😁

    • If I was Burney I would say to Ted that hey beautiful girl he’s my friend Robin and he want to tell you something and by the way you’re looking very gorgeous..so Robin tell her what you want to say and I left them alone .😊😊

  • Per suppose

    If i am in a place of barney this conversation running under the roof of PUB


    I will steal her wallet then she will be in tensed gesture then Ted will go towards that girl

    Ted : Hello excuse me I am Ted everything alright ?
    Robin : Hi i am robin , i lost my wallet. Now i dont know how to pay my bill ? πŸ€•
    Ted : ok no problem I will pay your bill
    Robin : Thanq
    Ted : This is my cell number Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ— tomorrow call me reback my money
    Robin : Sure and Thanq so much u helped me alot
    Ted : Then ted wants to maintain that phone conversation it depends on ted skills…πŸ˜…

    ( Note : Security checked the security cameras theif caught then send him behind the bars i will take some risk because of my friend’s love πŸ˜‹ )

  • Hey this is Ted and he is love you and wanted to know you more. Hey Ted come here

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