[Mini Blog] Marriage Betrayal: Forgive Or Divorce?

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Readers debated intensely on this topic. Let’s read some interesting comments.


Surprisingly, only a small number of people agree that couples should live together to figure out whether they are made for each other, and they had better hold a stable job.



Many people hold the opposite opinion because of their religion or culture. And a group of people is worried about the worst case if they break up with the other. I can understand their worries and I have to say that everyone should live in their own ways, whatever others say.

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Last month, I read a piece of astonishing news online. A female singer forgave her cheating husband who had an extra-marital relationship with another celebrity. I couldn’t help falling into deep thought.


If we are so lucky to find the perfect one to get married to, we live a fantastic life. But if one day he/ she has an extra-marital affair, and unfortunately, we get to know it. What would we do? Forgive or Divorce?

I guess if we don’t have babies, most of us may choose to get divorced. But what if we already have babies?  So if we face

 marital betrayal, forgive or divorce?


Share your opinions below and I will pick three witty answers in the next episode!😁😁


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  • It has two different perspective one for men and other for women…
    For men- Mostly men are very conscious and sensitive about their wife. They can not bear even listen about extra marital affairs of their wife. If they found such type of situation they should not overreact on it despite talk to their wife and by keeping all the consequences in mind come to a conclusion.

    For women- Women holds different opinions about their husbands. Some live as independent and some live completely dependent on their husband. In such cases women also should have to talk firstly and if they found problem is bigger then they though and can not be control then by taking care of all the consequences make a decision.

    But in both cases everyone first should have a conversation then any decision or conclusion..

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