[Grammar] How to Use Should In English?

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Do you know how to use “should” in English?

As a modal verb, “should” has many different meanings and can be used in many different ways. Now let’s learn how to use it correctly and naturally in different situations.


1. What does “should” mean?

When you use “should”, you’re talking about what you think is right, or what you think the beat idea for someone.

2. Using “should” to give advice

To tell someone what you think is a good idea for he/she to do.


  • You shouldn’t eat mushrooms if you don’t know what kind they are.

= It’s best for you not to eat mushrooms if you don’t know what kind they are.

3. Using “should” to express your opinion

To say what you think is the right thing for someone else to do.


  • He should tell her how he feels.
  • The government should raise taxes on the rich.

What’s the difference between giving advice and expressing opinions?

When you’re talking about a third person, it’s expressing opinions.

4. Using “should” to criticise past mistakes

should + have + past participle, to criticize ourselves or other people.


  • You should have studied harder for your exam!

= You didn’t study hard for your exam, and I think this was a mistake.

  • I shouldn’t have told her.

= I told her, but it was a mistake to tell her.

5. Using “should” to talk about probability

To say something you think it is probable but you’re not 100% certain.


  • There should be some milk left.

= I think there’s probably some milk left. 



What does “should” means in these sentences?

1. You should get up earlier.

2. You should have got up earlier.

3. He should get up earlier.

4. The train should arrive soon.

A. Giving advice     B. Expressing opinions     C. Criticizing past mistakes     D. Expressing probability

Write down your answers and don’t forget to check them in the next episode!

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