[Guess!] When Your Friends Eat A Cake On The Ground…

Hiya! Are you ready to [Guess!] ? Hold on! Let’s check the answer to the last episode at first:

Because Jay knew Gloria and Manny didn’t want the project to be over. He understood Gloria and Manny’s close relationship since they went through a lot together. (It’s an open question. You can have your own interpretation.)

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Here comes today’s Guess! I believe that many people know the Friends, one of the most famous American television sitcom. In this episode, Chandler and Rachel become two cheesecake-thieves, enjoying a cheesecake which does not belong to them.1

Let’s find out what happened.


Chandler found a box in front of his door when he got home, and opened it before he read it. Then, Rachel shouted:”thief!” It seems that Rachel has a spirit of  justice…Let’s wait and see.3

She has a spirit of justice before she tried the cheesecake…Yes, they ate the entire cake! And guess what? Only after two days, there came the other cheese cake! What would they do at this time? Eat it immediately? No, they brought it downstairs though they had struggled for a few moments…But! When they came back, it’s still there!4

And this time, they cease to struggle and share it…5.jpg

Unexpectedly, Rachel accidentally dropped her half…ck22

And deliberately dropped Chandler‘s! So what would they do next?ck23

They just start eating on the ground! And right this time, their friend, Joey comes…ck25

Here comes today’s Guess!

What would Joey say when seeing his friends eating cake on the ground?

If you were Joey, what would you say?

Share your answer with us!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • hehehe😁😁 I love this episode so much , I Guess he said what are you doing? And he sit on the floor with them to eat

  • What the hell are you guys doing!?!?
    Why you guys eating a cake on the floor??

  • what is this friends???? why you are eating that cake. what happened?? Are you ok friends!!!!!!

    • Joey would say after to look out the situation, I didn’t think that you may behave such a unintellectual thing.you both are looking fool and rude.

  • If I would have been Joye I would have at first remained struck open after seeing them And would feel a little bit of embarrassed. May be I would feel a bit of scary also as it is natural after seeing such behavior to think that may be they have some mental problem. But whatever I would rather say “sorry” and then bid a good bye to them. Then after a day I would ask them the reason of their such behavior as it is difficult to face them at that situation because it would become embarrassing to face them at that condition both for me and them.

  • Wow you guys eating a cake on the ground it looks a new way of eating a cake, could i join?

  • Heyy!!! Leave some of it for me too, I also want want it

  • He could not resist the tasty smell of cheesecake and start eating it with them.friends with same temperament.

  • What the hell are you eating without me😂😂😂😂

  • Obviously he will make fun of both of them.and take a sweet selfy with them..

  • What r u doing ? Is cake taste better on ground ??!!??

  • Joey said what are you doing guys,may l join your cake eating competition.

  • Hey guys! What are you doing here this cheese cake is mines.

  • Seeing his friends on the floor, Joey gets astonished and he asks his friends, “Hey! Didn’t you find any place to eat it? “

  • Hey ! Gyes…. What what are u doing ……. Is it a cheese cake without any plate …….. Have u both gone mad on this cake …… Stupids

  • “Hey, What are you guys doing, are you insane? Why do you eat those thing? Really, you both are totally weird and foolish, how could this happen and why do you both took so much care to eat them? You should’ve cleaned them instead.”

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