[Phrases] Real English Meanings Of Common Emoji (Part 2)

Hiya! How are you? First of all, the answers to the last episode are:

1. zoned out
2. was not there
3. nitwit

Do you remember one of our episodes was about emoji? (Click here to review). Today, the second part comes out!


In this episode, I will introduce 6 emoji meanings that you’ve probably got wrong in the past — but won’t have to be confused about anymore.

1. Disappointed but relieved face


 It seems like the right face to use when you’re talking about being sad or crying over something that’s going on. But it’s actually intended as a “disappointed but relieved face” — a pretty specific mix of emotions for a single emoji.

2. Face with cold sweat

2aPlenty of emoji users treat this as a face with a misplaced tear. As such, plenty of people use it to show that they’re feeling dejected. But as indicated by the title, this emoji actually shows a face with a bead of cold sweat.  It’s a more fitting emoji when you’re talking about being stressed about school or putting in lots of hard work at the office than for conversations about being sad when things aren’t going your way.

3. Face with the look of triumph

3aIf you’ve been using this symbol to convey the fact that you’re angry, even fuming, you’d be forgiven for misconstruing the official emoji meaning. This is actually a triumphant face. It reminds lots of people of a bull blowing steam out of his nostrils, which probably explains why we’ve all been using it wrong.


4. Face with OK gesture

4aThere are plenty of potential emoji meanings for this character, and tons of people interpret it as a character putting her hands on her head as a sign of surprise, or even as a ballerina holding her arms in fifth position. But this emoji is actually intended as an OK symbol, and shows a girl making an OK sign by creating an “O” shape with her arms, which is a Japanese gesture.

5. Hands raised in celebration

5aIf you’ve assumed that this emoji is meant to show praise (either to God or to another party) then you’ve been using it wrong. The original emoji meanings for this symbol relate to expressing joy or celebration about a success or a positive event.


6. Hugging face

6aIf you’ve ever wondered why this emoji is showing off his jazz hands, here’s your answer: This is supposed to be a “hugging face.” That doesn’t make it any less creepy. But if you’ve been thinking that this guy is trying to push someone away, at least you know now that the intended meaning is pretty much the opposite.



What do the following emojis mean?


p1A. evil

B. scary

C. warding off evil spirits



p2A. hospital

B. love hotel

C. happy home



p4 A.  thinking hard about something

B.  forever alone

C.  show deference to someone or to express an apology


Think outside the box!

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