[Fun Time] Men V.S. Women: Funny Gender Differences.

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Hello!Guys! Time to have fun!

Long before scientists confirmed the differences between men’s and women’s brains, many people sensed the vast gap between the two sexes‘ mental workings.


When male and female go out for a date at night, their thoughts are so different.


emm~ LOL!

What if they meet a beautiful lady in the street, what’s in their mind?


Female may pay attention to the lady’s belongings including her clothes, hairstyle or handbag, while the male may just focus on her body shape.


When they see themselves in the mirror, men tend to think ” I am handsome”, while women consider themselves not perfect enough.


What about taking a shower? LOL!  Isn’t it quite true?


LOL! Before going out, women always spend a much longer time wearing makeup.

Unlike women, men just need only a few minutes to dress up themselves.

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What do you think of gender differences?

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  • True ,one more thing I have learnt from my experience that men expect same common thing in every women he desire , where as women expect different thing from all different man in their single men

      • Sir your are right but little bit not all . becouse all man are not likely to be same

  • From the start of the African countries u know what to say that you are r 4 but it was a good night r u doing tonight then I have to you and the Two r we still have r we going tomorrow 🌃 and then I ET tout a lot more than I thought it might be ET tout tu t I love running a fever is gone for Sanjay Kumar ojha

  • Thats true there is difference between men and women but in the post, man was mentioned with sex, beer and entertainment but man was not shown as a emotionally and physically strong, committed, humble, kind.

  • I don’t think boys are like that….. if this is true I’m shocked to know.

  • Women’s always diffrent think but men not change himself and thoughts

  • Really very difficult to handle the situation. But now I’m use too. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It’s true
    Moreover the person’s feeling like that

  • Well I just wanna admit that all what have been said is definitely true

  • true story 🤣🤣
    there is one more thing
    that when women go for shopping she takes more time
    and cant decide to buy easily
    but man can buy full clothes from one shop in 5 minutes

    guys its my first comment here so please if you notice any mistake let me know and i will be happy
    thank you

  • I consider that is this true but not at all. Not all womens are same like as one and men as well

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