[Guess!] 1 Trick To Keep Your Hope Alive

Hiya! It’s [Guess!] time! First of all, please check the answer to the last episode:

The story is real!

I appreciate Mocan Lust’s objective and rational comment.


Today I would like to share a touching story from Modern Family. Gloria (the mother) and Manny (the son) are from Mexico and had a difficult time before Gloria married Jay (Manny’s stepfather), a rich American. Although Gloria and Manny lead a comfortable life now, they still keep a “strange” habit – looking for pennies.

In the morning, Manny picked a penny when he was having a walk:

But Jay thought it wasn’t a big deal. Gloria and Manny explained to him why it was so exciting. They had a goal: collect 100 lucky heads-up pennies, win a lottery and lead a happy life.

In the afternoon, Manny had a football match. At the beginning, he played well but suddenly he stoped and bent his knees to pick up something.

In the evening, Manny counted his pennies on and on. Gloria and Manny decided to buy a lottery ticket. When hearing them talking about the story of some special pennies, Jay looked serious, and then he hid four pennies.

Manny seemed disappointed but Gloria smiled.


Why Jay hides four pennies and let Manny keep collecting them?

Tips: Don’t forget this is a story about HOPE! Jay is tender.

It may be slightly difficult, but try it!

Share your answer below!

When you lost hope before, who cheered you up?

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Because Jay was touched by Manny and Gloria’s hopeful look when they collected 100 pennies but if they use the money to buy lottery, they will be disappointed since few people can win it.

  • To me, Jay hid the boy’s pennies to keep him looking for them, so he’d never lose his hope. As long as he keeps looking for pennies, his hope is still alive.

    • I think Jay was moved after seeing their endurance and tenacity to find out pennies. He wanted to keep their petience burning in them, because hope is really too powerful to shape a person’s mind. Where their is hope there is a new way to lead life again and again without giving up. If they got all 100 pennies they will achieve their goal and may give up their patience to buy a lottery and if they failed they will give up all hopes. So it is a little attempt of Jay to keep that hope alive in them which will shape their mind and when their mind will be fully – shaped and full of hopes, tenacity and endurance nothing can make them compelled to give up hope as that hope will then be fully attached to their mind so that nothing can separate them from their minds. Whatever comes in future if they win the lottery or merely fail they will never give up hope.

  • bcz he saw through time machine that his wife will not win the ticket and will go into depression he still hides 4 coins upto this day and hopes that unlucky day wont come

  • Because Manny and Gloria have still hope to complete their Pennie .Manny continue to work hard to get more money for lottery

  • Bcz if they would bought lottery ticket with 100 pennies ,they either win lottery or lose it, in both cases nextly they would stop hope to find pennies,, n jay dint wont let them stop hope…

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