[Guess!] What? Time Travel In Modern Society!

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In 2004, a Japanese named Lian Shi took a tram at 11 o’clock in the evening as usual. Normally, It takes him 7 or 8 minutes to get to the destination. However, everything is unusual today. After nearly 20 minutes of driving, the tram kept moving forward without stop. Thus, he wrote it in 21ch(a kind of online social media in Japan) and questioned why. Someone on 21ch advised him to ask the tram captain. Lian Shi did but the captain ignored him.

Then the tram passed a long and strange tunnel and finally stopped at “Ru Yue” station at 12 o’clock in the evening. After getting off the train, Lian Shi found no one was in the station. None did he see anyone outside the tram station. He had never heard about this tram station and he failed to find his location by using a mobile phone.

He was puzzled and immediately ask help from his family and friends and even called the police. However, he was treated as a prankaller since there was no tram station called “Ru Yue”. So he could only leave messages in 21ch.

As time went by, Lin Shi continued to chat with 21ch netizens. He left a message at 2 am, saying that the sound of bells was heard nearby, and he saw an old man with only one leg going his direction in the far distance.

One netizen felt there was something wrong and advised to leave immediately and went back through the tunnel. Lian Shi did and after he went out the tunnel he finally found other people. Then he found a taxi driver who said he would like to give him a ride.

It was not until 3:44 in the morning that Lian Shi left his final message: The driver is driving up a mountain. I can see nothing but trees and tombs on our way. I am now seeking a chance to escape.

Then Lian Chi was out of connection.

7 years later, a man called Lian Shi left his message in 21ch that he came back to the normal world and he had experienced a lot.

Can you guess what Lian Shi experienced?

How do you see Time Travel ?

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  • I think that time travel is somehow possible because there are many other evidences in past that showed and proved that “Time Travel Is Possible” and many people claimed that they came from 2025 or 2040 or 2050. No doubt they could lie but we can’t say anything Anything don’t compel us to believe to mysterious things to whom even science don’t have any answer. But in my opinion it is possible to travel into the future if we travel by the speed of light which is 2,99,772 km/sec. Seems to be impossible but can’t say anything about future. Our inclination towards technology may lead to any invention or improvement.

  • I think in this 7 years Lian Shi had seen a lot of things which is going to happen in the upcoming future of the world. Many times we have heard about such facts where men come from future. It may be out of some supernatural powers or the advent world is going to be so advanced and totally technical that men can travel in there past, as we all have heard about time machine. So may be it happened to Lian Shi.

  • Owh .. Thank you admin for liking my respond to your question .. ✔

  • Time travel .. mmmm ..it depends on the people personal education background or self spritual experience views to this matter.. :

    1. some people who belief in witch world / aliens 😂 .. will connect to witch / aliens view .. assumption will be like : that man out of the world stole him soul and moving him into another dimention ..

    2. Some people in religious/under meditation guidance .. will be name it trance .. meet yourself in different shape and time .. too long to write

    3. Time travel .. mmm.. i read some people had these kind of experiences , and i prefer take a side from science platform .. even we also must acknowledge first from psychology part what is the trigger make this happen to this person .. to avoid perception of delutional / halucination experience .. from science also we need some witnesses ..

    Here, I cant make any assumption with what happen to Lian Shi until have all the facts about his mental and his personal spritual experience , who is his guru, book or his references .. some people with time travel experience maybe doesnt want to share what exactly they’ve been seen .. but he become a voyance ? if im not wrong? .. seeing everything in sudden and become weird to his current time of living .. because he knew what is end to be ..

  • I think, it’s a teribble experience 😱
    I am just hear it, never hear before
    about time travel.. Any one can explain what is really happened to Lian Shi..??

  • Imagining past and future is also a kind of time travel.

  • Time travel will be possible when making will make a craft which have to speed of more than speed of light.

  • Time travel is sometimes it’s good but sometimes it worst . Sometimes we need to forget our past and Live in present and planned for future that’s it

  • in my mind,that is impossible because so many space you have pass through

  • We today wanna travel time . If time travel is really possible in future , then why someone did not come in present time from future? When Big Bang happen, before it what was there?Was time really exist before Big Bang? There are lot of questions on time and its travel.But today we see lot of incidents that proves time travel is possible but the questions written above disapprove the time travel to be possible.We can’t say that time travelling is really possible or not.But I says that time is travelling and it is not reach to the destination , it only reaches to present not to more than present.It is our imagination that time had reached to future, it is completely wrong,It reaches to today only.

  • In my point of view,Lian shi facts are not clear. It may be fake or his imagination. Because it seems he is telling some of his fantasy.

    However time travel is possible. Because we might not know exactly when and how it is going to happen. In old days people never thought technology has power,to gave us too many things. Like internet, cellphones etc., which can help you to watch or chat the people all around the world in fraction of second.

    So like that time travel is possible. People may travel to their past or future. Or even travel to different dimensions. But time has it own way. When that happens our living world might got struck or destroyed. We never know

    Maybe time travel might exist in present time too. It was secured by some unknown forces or
    Power. We never know but time travel will be coming to us in near future. Let’s wait and 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Maybe, he was afraid of future and he is predicting something about the future.today’s technology is the back bone of human beings, he should predicting the consequences of technology if technology is out of your hand then it could lead you toward destruction or hell.

  • Well. My heart beats so fast because first I thought this one is horror story. *since the picture looks scary

  • I think there is nothing like “time travel” and on the other hand time travel in modern world depends on people’s thinking ☺️ that”what they think about there past and future

  • I don’t know. I cant imagine it. I have no experience about it. So far for me it is still strange and unlogic.

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