[Fun time] What The World Is Like In Beauty Cameras

Hey guy! Nice to see you again!

Do you like taking selfies?

According to the data from Google Trends, selfies are more popular than ever. We are prone to post the pictures on Facebook, Instagram or other social media. In order to get more followers, most of us would choose to post the pictures with the help of beauty camera.






When we pressed a certain button in the beauty cameras, it mainly can improve our skin texture and revitalize the complexion.  Skin problems like wrinkles, brown spots, an uneven complexion can be covered by the beauty cameras.

More surprisingly, they can also change the shape of our faces or even the color of skin.

Oh! God! Who are they? Are they the same person?

Let me show you another example!

As is known to all, Harden, a famous NBA player is a black American.

But Amazingly, beauty camera made him white!!!   



Do you like beauty cameras?

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  • Beauty Camera .. is the most affordable way for people who actually want to have a plastic surgery but no budget to do that jobs 😂 .. a chance to feel what is to be flawless in theirs mind ? A goal .. a dreams .. a feeling of being acceptance .. one of the quickest treatment to reborn their self- esteem. .. inner confident .. all the broken heart please come fast to beauty Camera.. no need too drunk overdosage .. its really healing

    Such as ,
    My mom is over 70 th .. used to be She really awkward and had rigid smile .. even she cant smile in every photos .. once she smile .. her photo viewer cant feel that she really smile

    Then she began using beauty Camera .. My lord .. im really happy for my mam .. now She likes a queen of selfies .. and i can feel the vibration that nowdayams she loves more in front of the Camera and smiles more . And most important thing She seems love herself more .. 🙂

    The magic touch of beauty camera is not only outside but further to the innerside for somecases

    PS. Please dont fake it overload 😂

  • Beauty camera is a best tool to make people fool and when they look at you in real they thought you to be the ugliest person therefore in order to avoid this situation one shouldn’t use it but everyone around us is using it and glorify their beauty so it confuse me whether I should use it or not

  • My opinion… I don’t like. Because not looking natural face

  • As you know the beauty camera can make my face be fake, so i dislike it, even though just a little but that can make another people be shocked when they see the real face of my own..

  • Cause that, i never use beuty camera, it make me addicted

  • I dislike using beauty camera because it show that we don’t have self confidence. And it make us can’t be ourselve. Sorry if I have many mistakes in my writing because I’m still learning ☺

    • not only you. everyone learning their end of lives ….

  • Yes I like it but not too much because I want my picture natural

  • amazing but I’m not like it because of natural better

  • As we have seen they covers the reality and let others live in the fake world by watching your selfie, I don’t like beauty cameras.
    On contrary somehow it is a thing for a person to see him as charming by face for his on satisfaction then this can be good, but for a person itself only not to share with others

  • my opinion
    it is good or bad like that some person are ugly they wii have using this beauty apps and they will happy some time but they has feel are they beauty

    • Neha…a person look his self 20 times beautiful then he is….

  • It is racism ,and these beauty cameras are turning noncauasian faces into Caucasian face. This is one type of racism which is being promoted by media, film industries, social media etc

  • I think it’s not good because it confused man about one’s real face.some picture also compel me to surprise… So funny

  • I nice to use beauty cámeras, but don’t go too far… Just use a little. 😉

  • Beauty camera is such good invention for those people who look ugly. … .its cover their all skin problems and make their skin tone bright

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