[Fun time] OMG!Dogs Also Eat Watermelon?!

Hi, guys! Time to have fun!

In your mind, what do dogs feed on?


Dog food?

LOL! Actually, dogs also eat what humans eat!

They like watermelons very much, especially in summer.

And durian, a kind of Asian fruits.

Wow, they really like fruits! LOL

But can you believe that they also like ….

LOL! So cute! They almost eat everything humans eat.

It is because dogs have a close relationship with humans and they are always curious and want to try what humans have.

Do you want to keep a dog as pet and share your food?

Please share your comments down below. 

Have a nice day!


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Fantastic .. !🤗 Dogs will eat everything what her/his dog’s bos eats .. i used to have 5 dogs and 4 cats .. together they ate same recipes .. 😏

  • I don’t have dog, but I have much cats, but I like dogs too, they very so cute.
    So, I only keep my cats in my home, but sometimes, I go invite the to the pet shop too.
    Thanks for reading this

  • I love animal & bird also now i have a cat, dog, n 1 couple of love birds, i love them very much, my early morning start with them.

  • Yes. I love dogs and sure I will share my foods to them.

  • I don’t have any dog as my mother is always against any kinds of pets. But in my aspect if I would take any pet in future I will definitely keep a dog as my pet. Dogs are always loyal to their masters. They want to share all foods with their masters.
    So I will like to have dog. I want to enjoy the mastership of a dog in future. I thing it can be my best friend.

  • Yeah!!!!! and I have a doggy…. obviously he’s not like other dogs…..he only eats when I show him that I’m eating his food….. I’m not sure that he can understand whatever we speak….but he knows the word chicken😂…. ice cream is in the top of his favorite line….. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him more than🙊😉

  • I want to take a dog as a pet at my house . But my family is not allowing for this
    Dog is humans best friend from ancient time
    Dog feed is very much same as human. They like to eat, milk, vegetable, chapatis, n fruit
    That is why I want a pet dog

  • Yes off course we should thing for all not only dog I want to share the food to whole hungry people not only people to dog as well

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