Hi everyone! Welcome back to the [Phrases] column. The answers to the last episode are:

1. corn

2. beans

We all have the moment when we are not in a good state. For example when you don’t sleep well last night. Or when you are having a dull math class in a sweltering afternoon. So, how to describe your brain isn’t functioning well?

1.mix up

cause to be perplexed or confounded

I’m all mixed up.

2. mess up

someone is not in a good condition

I was messed up for a long time.

3. nitwit

a state of being stupid or silly

You’re a real nitwit.

4. zone out 

be absent-minded

I just zoned out for a moment.

5. not there

someone’s brain is not functioning well

I don’t think she’s all there.


  1. He just ____ ____for a moment.
  2. He ____ ____ ____ at the moment.
  3. You are a ____.

That’s all for today!

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