[Grammar] Tricks About Countable & Uncountable Nouns

Hi guys! Glad to see you again! Have you reviewed what you learned in the last episode? Check your answers first:


In this period, let’s learn countable & uncountable nouns in English. I am sure most of you are not clear about it.

What is a noun?
It refers to a person, a place or a thing in English.

What is a countable noun?
It refers to something you can count.

chairs, books, markers, tables, shops, shirts

What is an uncountable noun?
It refers to something that only has the singular form.

sugar, equipment, advice, furniture, information, rain

a, many, few, a few

many books

the, some, any, no, a lot of, lots of, enough, plenty of

a lot of people, any ideas?

much, little, a little bit of

a little bit of money


There is ____ water.

A. some B. many C. a few D. few

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