[Grammar] 2 Simple Rules Of The Order of Adjectives

Hi guys! Glad to see you again! Have you reviewed what you learned in the last episode? Check your answers first:

1. is a
2. since
3. for
4. met

When you use two or three adjectives, do you hesitate on which one should be put first? If you ask native speakers, they may just tell you trust your instincts. Are there any rules for ordering adjectives? Sure! Continue to read!  

Rule 1: Opinion before fact

Adjectives describing an opinion go first, and those describing facts go second.

Adjectives of opinion: Nice; beautiful; useful; delicious, etc.

Adjectives of fact: Big; new; green; silk, etc.


We had some delicious Korean food with some friends.

Here “delicious” is an adjective of opinion and Korean is the one of fact.

Rule 2: General before specific 

Here adjectives with general idea means it can be used to describe many different things. 

Adjectives with general meaning: Old; hot; small

Adjectives with a specific meaning: Green; French; Striped


He works for a small Canadian Company.

Here “small” is more general since many things are small, while “Canadian” is more specific since only fewer things are related to “Canadian”.

The full rule of adjective order is complicated:

opinion → size → other qualities → age → color/pattern → Nationality → material + noun

It’s not necessary to know this rule since it’s impossible to carry this around in your head and use it! Second, it’s very rare that we use more than three adjectives with a noun. 

Still remember the two simple rules: 1. opinion before facts and 2. general idea before a more specific one?  Let’s do some exercise!


1. These are ___ products.
A. excellent agricultural B. agricultural excellent

2. I’ve booked that ___ table on the corner.
A. big square B. square big

3. When traveling to Peru, make sure you visit the ___ ruins.
A. ancient Inca B. Inca ancient

Do you find ordering adjectives easy now?

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