[Song] Alan Walker – Faded

Hello guys! Good day! It’s music time! The answers to the last episode are:

1. shroud
2. enemies
3. fantasy


Let’s move on to today’s song– Alan Walker’s Faded! It was released three years ago and has gain over 2.3 billion clicks on Youtube! It’s stunning! I am sure some of you have listened to it before. If so, enjoy it again!:) 



You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us
Another start
You fade away
Afraid our ??? (1 word missing) is out of sight
Wanna see us
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Was it all in my fantasy
Where are you now
Were you only ??? (1 word missing)
Where are you now
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running ??? (1 word missing) inside of me
I’m faded
I’m faded
So lost



Enjoy the MV:

Do you like the song?

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