[Guess!] The Worst Thing Happened On The Wedding Day

Hiya! Nice to see you again! Let’s look over the last episode:


Bell Witch Haunting, Real Ghost Story?

The answer is:

It’s a true story and it is the only ghost killing case officially identified in American history.

Here are the selected comments:

The story cannot be explained by science, but it did happened.

Here comes to today’s Guess! Did you watch How I Met Your Met Your Mother before? In this episode, Lily and Marshall is having a wedding but everything goes wrong, especially Marshall’s hair!


What happened to Marshall? Lily has a cousin who is in beauty school, but Lily, the bride,  doesn’t want her cousin to do her hair, so… she let her do Marshall’s hair.

(Note: The girl is Lily’s cousin and the boy is… Marshall)

Obviously, Marshall misunderstood the meaning of “tips”. He thought the cousin wanted to give him advice, but actually she was talking about hairstyle. She wanted to highlight some of his hair!

As a result, Marshall looks like a “cool guy” 17 minutes before the wedding:

It’s not the worst! He is so panic that he totally loses his mind! He takes up a shaver on the desk and shave his head! This act shocks his best friend, Ted (the left guy)!

Here comes today’s Guess!

How Ted deals with this situation in 17 minutes and makes the wedding go on?

Try to put yourself in Ted’s shoes and you will get the answer. 🙂

Don’t forget to share your clever solution with us!

Also share the worst thing you ever saw a bride or a groom do on their wedding day!

Look forward to your reply!

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  • I will shave all his hair. I make it baldhead, so it’s woulndt ruin the wedding. Marshall wiil go to the weeding with the baldhead.

    • Saya akan memcukur rambutnya, saya akan membuat kepala nya botak. Jadi iti tidak akam merusak pernikahan. Marshall akan pergi ke pernikahan dengan kepala botak

  • If i were Marshall i’m gonna wear a hat .. quick solution .. and i think it still looks fashionable .. and their guest will never be notice .. that there are some troubles at his pre wedding ceremony .. 😋

    • He should shave all his hair to be more normal and then he could wear a hat and go to de wedding more elegant

  • Its hilarious when a bride or a groom get into trouble like this .

  • If I am at the place of Marshall,I would like to colour the hair black.😊

  • If i am there, i would change his hair colour be black or wear it a wig

  • If I would be Ted then I would give him a wig and would make him ready and somehow would have handled the whole marriage to go on perfectly and then after the marriage I would myself apologize to all.

  • I think, he had better wash Marshall’s hear quickely. And it will look better or he can cut some of his hear, I mean to shorten it, maybe, he will look handsome.

  • I think Ted will rush off to buy a nice fitting wig just before the wedding.

  • I have no answer what you had expected.anyhow i am very eagar to knowing the correct answer.Thanks

  • If I were Ted I would not let him do anything . I suggested him to wear a marriage ” pagdi ” this would not have embarrassed and Made Marshall enjoying his marriage

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