[Grammar] 5 Common Mistakes About Verbs And Tenses

Hi guys! Do you still remember what we learned in the last episode? Here are the answers:

1. This

2. ago

3. myself

In this period, let’s learn 5 common mistakes about verbs and tenses in English. I am sure most of you have made some of the mistakes.

Example 1
I have met John last year.
It should be: I met John last year.
Explanation: You needn’t use the present perfect tense as the sentence is about last year.

Example 2
She’s engaged with a dentist.
It should be: She’s engaged to a dentist.
Explanation: The phrase”engage with” means” to make an effort to understand and deal with someone or something.” The phrase “engage to” means “get married with sb.”.

Example 3
I must to go home now.
It should be: I must go home now.
Explanation: The word “must” is a modal. Verbs should be used directly after Modals.

Example 4
She’s been in London since 5 months.
It should be: She’s been in London for 5 months.
Explanation: If you want to express the length of time, you should use the preposition “for”.

Example 5
My wife engineer
It should be: My wife is an engineer
Explanation: In every English sentence, you need to have a verb. Because “engineer” is only singular, you need to add “an” before it.


Fill in the blanks with correct forms.

1.My father ____ ____ policeman.

2. I have been in New York ____ 2012.

3. I have been here ____ 3 years.

4. I ____ Jojo last month. (meet)

That’s all for today!

Don’t forget to share your answers with us!

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